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Elevating Business Performance

Resources to strengthen your practice

AmerisourceBergen offers a powerful suite of tools and services to help community practices improve their performance, from ordering to inventory management and business intelligence systems. Our technology solutions help you maximize efficiency and make smarter business decisions, while our experts help you optimize revenue, improve financial outcomes and enhance staff interaction.  

Inventory management, simplified

Our smart inventory management systems help you simplify logistics and reduce carrying costs through technology and automation.


CubixxMD, offered by Besse Medical, gives you the ultimate flexibility in receiving, dispensing and tracking product. The CubixxMD cloud offers real-time tracking of on-hand inventory, dispenses and billing reconciliation, as well as integration with our secure, medical-grade refrigerated cabinets. And our new mobile app means you can take CubixxMD with you to scan and dispense product on the go.  


PODIS Plus, offered by Besse Medical, is a cloud-based inventory and billing reconciliation system that uses barcode labels to track every dose used in the office and interfaces with your practice management system to ensure proper billing and payment. With PODIS Plus, seamlessly order pharmaceuticals, track shipments and invoices, review inventory levels and gain insight into billing accuracy. And you’ll never have to worry that a drug dose may be lost or incorrectly billed. 


Nucleus® Inventory Management

Nucleus Inventory Management, offered by Oncology Supply, helps oncology practices maintain supplies of critical therapies, prevent inventory losses and control costs through smart dispensing stations and an integrated, real-time portal. Our web-based application allows users to easily view inventory levels and products between clinics, assign items and control purchase orders using a multi-tier approval queue.

Solution spotlight

Business intelligence for your specialty practice

InfoDive® gives you instant access to insightful, actionable information about how your oncology or medical practice is performing. Utilizing key practice insights, you can analyze your internal data and compare your practice to others in a variety of areas including coding, productivity, marketing, revenue collection and more. InfoDive gives you the business intelligence you need to help you enhance productivity, reduce audit risk, increase revenue and improve marketing results.

Solution spotlight

Protocol Analyzer

Protocol Analyzer from ION Solutions helps thousands of practitioners make fully educated treatment decisions by helping them determine the total cost of delivering care. Our software uses economic modeling to help you efficiently manage drug spend, compare payer reimbursements and create better cost estimates for patients.

Business optimization and advisory services

It takes more than clinical expertise to maintain a successful oncology practice in today's competitive healthcare environment. Now more than ever, practice leaders must possess keen foresight in a diverse set of areas, including revenue cycle management, inventory management, business operations, technology integration and financial reporting. Our team of proven experts at ION Solutions can work with your practice to understand your business and improve your overall performance and financial health.

Our areas of expertise

Practice management optimization

  • Human resources evaluation

  • Managed care consulting

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Practice management (PM) software implementation 

  • Evaluation and management (E&M) coding optimization

  • Risk management evaluation

Practice growth advisory services

  • Mergers and acquisitions evaluation

  • Start-up (new practice or addition of oncology service line)

  • Construction and renovation

Learn more about our businesses

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions 

Pharmaceutical companies, researchers and practicing oncologists use IntrinsiQ's analytical systems to improve the quality and delivery of cancer care, from treatment decisions and writing prescriptions to improving workflow and patient safety. 

ION Solutions

Community-based oncologists rely on ION Solutions for creative GPO contracting, integrated dispensing solutions and the expertise practices need to improve clinical and operational management. 

Besse Medical

Besse Medical is one of the nation’s largest and most trusted distributors to community physicians, providing access to critical healthcare products, insights and technologies that help optimize medical practices so clinicians can make patient care their primary focus.

Oncology Supply 

With over 35 years of experience, Oncology Supply distributes chemotherapy and supportive care products to independent oncology practices nationwide, delivering exemplary service and making the purchasing process easy and reliable.