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Resources that enhance clinical quality and patient care

Driven by a deep knowledge and understanding of the vital services that practitioners provide, we accelerate access to new treatments, technologies and insights that community physicians need to maximize performance and elevate the patient experience. Our solutions lead practices to greater optimization, smarter reimbursement and better financial decisions, allowing physicians to focus more energy on caring for patients.

Solution Spotlight

Automate your oncological workflow with IntellidoseTxM

Managing paper-based records and manually capturing charges can lead to patient errors and inefficient billing. IntelliDoseTxM from ION Solutions automates treatment plan management, computerized physician order entry (CPOE), nurse charting and charge captures, enhancing staff efficiency so you can deliver quality cancer care.

Solution Spotlight 

Maximize efficiencies within your urology practice

UroChartEHR® is a urology-specific electronic health record solution that maximizes efficiencies within your urology practice. Built around a urology practice’s workflow, UroChartEHR contains turnkey urology-specific content that is easily customizable with an intuitive urology-specific interface. This enables practices to maintain their workflow and avoid the tedious task of building content from scratch so they can focus on what’s most important—caring for patients.

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Broaden your research expertise and increase patient access to clinical trials 

AdvanceIQ Network is a research network comprised of community specialty practices designed to increase access to clinical research opportunities for providers and their patients. Members benefit from access to new and evolving research studies, centralized contract and financial management, and innovative solutions for identifying and monitoring patients, new study approaches and staffing needs.

"Through AdvanceIQ Network, oncology practices have a more streamlined approach to identifying, qualifying for, and enrolling in targeted clinical trials—offering more treatment options for improved patient outcomes."

Susan Weidner, SVP, IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions

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Access the comprehensive clinical data and benchmarks your practice needs 

ClinIQ Analytics, from IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions, lets you access the comprehensive clinical data benchmarks your practice needs. We leverage valuable data from your electronic health records (EHR) to help you stay on top of your practice's performance. Our easy-to-use dashboards and reports help you track significant clinical metrics about your practice, compare your practice/providers to your peers, benchmark your practice adherence to clinical guidelines and identify patients that might be candidates for specific tests, therapies or clinical trials.

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Improve outcomes with clinical quality consulting

Navigating the complexities of the value-based care environment can be challenging. ION offers solutions that improve operational efficiency, financial performance and the quality of care provided. Our services include an initial 360 practice assessment, followed by a clinical optimization plan and sustained engagement for comprehensive optimization support. Patient care initiatives help your patients and your oncology practice succeed in a value-based setting.

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ION Solutions

Community-based oncologists rely on ION Solutions for creative GPO contracting, integrated dispensing solutions and the expertise practices need to improve clinical and operational management. 

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions

Pharmaceutical companies, researchers and practicing oncologists use IntrinsiQ's analytical systems to improve the quality and delivery of cancer care, from treatment decisions and writing prescriptions to improving workflow and patient safety. 

Providing integrated specialty care

US Bioservices has a long history of working with physicians, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to bring specialty pharmacy care directly to where patients reside. Backed by the resources of AmerisourceBergen, our care teams are organized within therapy-specific centers of excellence as well as geographic regions. Our regional focus allows us to have long-standing, collaborative relationships with practices and a deep knowledge of payer requirements, resulting in increased speed to therapy and more integrated care for our patients.