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AmerisourceBergen’s secure storage solution

Doctor scanning a vial from CubixxVault

Secure storage for controlled substances and high-value drugs

Doctor scanning a vial from CubixxVault
AmerisourceBergen’s secure storage solution enables clinical practitioners and EMS operations to continuously monitor and track narcotics, high-value drugs, and controlled substances. By electronically recording data and automating orders, our solution provides visibility to product expiration, human error, and inventory shrinkage.
Doctor scanning a vial from CubixxVault

Minimal footprint kiosk

  • Mountable touchscreen kiosk, with barcode or RFID technology, minimizes footprint
  • Modular drug safes enable practices to easily add units

Increase security and safety

  • Dual-stage authentication system combines biometric fingerprint and/or PIN code access 
  • DEA-controlled substances storage is secure and complies with federal laws
  • Online, centralized dashboard provides comprehensive oversight across multiple practice locations

Seamless integration with practitioner systems

  • Works with patient management and point-of-sale systems to associate products with patient information
  • Transmits data to the point-of-service for automated invoice creation
  • Streamlines reporting for individual patients and batched reports based on diagnostic codes, medication types, and surgical supplies

Interested in our secure storage solution?

We work with you to solve your inventory management challenges through one of our solutions or a custom plan tailored to your individual needs. Reach out to learn more.