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Delivering value with our Medication Tray solution


Reduce workload and cost with our simple, flexible way to manage medication trays

AmerisourceBergen’s medication tray solution is built with your pharmacy processes in mind. It makes monitoring medication trays quick and accurate—even on the go. Small and mobile, the solution generates insights for smarter decisions from virtually anywhere. For even greater convenience, products come pre-RFID tagged for AmerisourceBergen customers. Our medication tray solution does not handle protected health information (PHI) so it can be used on patient-facing WiFi networks, allowing for quick contracting and implementation as well as simplified ongoing support.

Case study

CHRISTUS Health converts to AmerisourceBergen’s medication tray solution to improve pharmacy workflow and reduce the inventory management burden on pharmacists

Learn how the medication tray solution provided CHRISTUS Health with a combination of product distribution capabilities and RFID technology expertise to enable pharmacy staff to save valuable time and focus on higher value tasks.

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Improve pharmacy workflow with pre-RFID tagged product—available only from AmerisourceBergen

AmerisourceBergen customers who choose to purchase the pre-RFID tagging service from AmerisourceBergen enjoy the convenience of certain products coming pre-tagged and ready to use. Those customers never need to order and tag products separately where this service is available. This eliminates third-party costs and frees your staff to do more.

Key advantages for our RFID solution

  • Pre-tagged products from AmerisourceBergen can save time and reduce costs
  • Mountable touchscreen kiosk and hand-held scanner minimize footprint and improve flexibility for hospital-wide monitoring
  • Entire medication tray can be scanned in seconds
  • Read other vendors' RFID tags (including those from any 503B pharmacy, drug manufacturer, or other tag provider)

Medication tray technology features

  • Dedicated mobile application for convenient tray management hospital-wide
  • Expiry date and tampered product flagging
  • Compatible with all storage cabinets
  • Online dashboard with real-time data and insights
  • Flexible PAR management minimizes the impact of medication supply disruptions through volume-based stocking options
  • Daily email alerts leverage AmerisourceBergen’s drug recall data to notify staff of recalled products in medication tray kits and trays


RFID's role and potential within healthcare settings

Beth Riggio, VP of Global Products and Solutions, recently shared her insights into the innovative use of RFID in a post published on RFID Insights.

Mobile application makes tray management more convenient


AmerisourceBergen's new mobile application complements its medication tray solution, allowing you to scan products from anywhere within the healthcare facility without the need for additional equipment. 



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Built smarter with pharmacy processes in mind

For more information please download and view the medication tray solution brochure.