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AmerisourceBergen’s consignment inventory storage and tracking solution


RFID tagging enhances pharmacy workflow

AmerisourceBergen’s consignment inventory storage and tracking solution uses RFID tagging and patented innovations in inventory monitoring and temperature regulation to give your healthcare organization immediate access to vital medications.

Improve efficiency through enhanced inventory management

Offers constant, on­-demand inventory combined with financial flexibility

  • Improves convenience with individually tagged products shipped directly to the provider site and automatic invoicing only when products are removed for use
  • Automates product tracking and reordering
  • User customized criteria helps deliver the right mix of products

Extends supply chain security and accountability through around-the-clock monitoring

  • Automates reporting of product expiration, recalls, and temperature variations
  • Mitigates risk in emergencies and natural disasters by maintaining onsite inventory


Eases administrative burdens by streamlining workflows

  • Automates reporting, from compliance to trends
  • Helps increase security and minimize human error through automated tracking
  • Reduces capital outlay for hardware and maintenance with lease-based model

Interested in our consignment inventory storage and tracking solution?

We work with you to solve your inventory management challenges through one of our solutions or a custom plan tailored to your individual needs. Reach out to learn more.