Purchasing Optimization

Health System Solutions

Your partner in providing patient-centered care

Every day, hospitals across the country receive shipments of the pharmaceutical products they need to treat patients. We improve product access and support health systems’ expansion across the continuum of care through our extensive distribution infrastructure, broad range of manufacturer partnerships and contracts supporting all classes of trade. Our commitment to operational excellence, the continuous improvement of our customer experience and maintaining a patient-centered supply chain means we are prepared to exceed our customer’s expectations every day and especially during natural disasters when demand for patient care peaks.

A best-in-class distribution network 

Our distribution associates ensure that daily orders reach their destination safely and on time. At the heart of our business is our extensive distribution network, in which we’ve invested more than $800 million over the past 10 years. We’ve also created a continuous improvement program that ensures we focus as much on quality as efficiency across our vast distribution center network.
Oral pill bottles

PRxO Generics® helps keep your pharmacy healthy

Oral pill bottles
The PRxO Generics purchasing program delivers economically competitive drug choices, value-improving solutions and performance-based incentives on a broad portfolio of generic drugs. Automated ordering features combined with reliable and secure daily delivery simplify purchasing, so you can focus on patient care.
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Solutions for specialty clinic owners

For health systems who own specialty clinics or infusion centers, AmerisourceBergen provides strategic consulting and purchasing solutions that allow you to optimize your oncology and specialty purchasing across all sites of care. Our holistic approach and broad distribution portfolio provide enhanced product access while helping you maximize your financial performance and accelerate growth.

Improving specialty product access

Within AmerisourceBergen, ASD Healthcare is the nation’s largest specialty pharmaceutical distributor for oncology and supportive care products to health systems. With more than 40,000 active accounts, we service over 95% of U.S. hospitals, as well as specialty pharmacies, hemophilia centers, home healthcare companies and retail pharmacies. As the number one distributor of blood derived products and nephrology medications, we are the trusted partner of independent and large dialysis organizations. We align with all major GPOs and are recognized throughout the industry for our signature customer service.

Inventory Management

Cubixx Solutions

As the first proprietary RFID technology developed exclusively for healthcare systems, hospitals and blood centers, Cubixx® Solutions is the preferred choice of major healthcare systems and rural facilities in more than 1,000 locations worldwide. With the largest portfolio of products available on consignment, customers pay only for products when they are used. And with 24/7 inventory modeling and transaction analytics, we can forecast product usage over time to help customers optimize future orders. 

Health systems pharmacy consulting

Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, part of AmerisourceBergen, leverages in‑depth knowledge of healthcare delivery and vast client experience to implement innovative solutions that help our customers capitalize on the dynamic changes in the healthcare marketplace. 

340B consulting

We specialize in assisting covered entities through the 340B implementation process, while ensuring compliance and audit-readiness. Our comprehensive solutions draws on deep industry experience that includes pharmaceutical distribution, contract management experience and cross-functional consulting expertise.

Patient assistance programs

With hospitals of all types providing billions of dollars in uncompensated care—including the cost of drugs and medical devices—recovering these costs affects not only hospital efficiency, but also the bottom line. RecoveRx® is a no-risk, high-return solution for product recovery, with assessment and inventory management tools.

Financial performance

Our revenue optimization services include consulting and comprehensive process reviews to identify disconnects between medication purchases, charges and payment. These services range from pharmacy chargemaster formulary and claims review to revenue cycle management.

Supply chain services

We can work with you to create a pharmacy supply chain strategic vision to address healthcare consolidation trends, efficiency needs and distribution challenges. When applicable, our experts can guide you through the centralizing and consolidating of many of your pharmacy’s day-to-day supply chain operations.