Hospitals and Health Systems

Improving Safety

Improve patient safety with high-quality, efficient products 

With decades of expertise in key areas like prepackaged unit-dose products, AmerisourceBergen helps ensure that pharmacies remain compliant by providing safe, high-quality pharmaceuticals for their patients. Our automated inventory management solutions help health systems adhere to regulatory requirements while maintaining safe and secure product access. 

American Health Packaging's bar-coded, unit-dose products improve patient safety

With growing concerns over patient safety, more hospitals are relying on suppliers to provide prepackaged, unit-dose pharmaceuticals to streamline their business operations, allowing staff members to devote more time to patient care. Bar-coded to the dose level, American Health Packaging® provides comprehensive unit dose products that simplify bedside scanning and support extended shelf life. Our products provide health systems and long-term care facilities with confidence that the right patient is receiving the right product at the right time, promoting patient safety and positive health outcomes.

Access unit-dose products through our PRxO Generics® formulary

Participation in AmerisourceBergen’s PRxO Generics purchasing program provides access to American Health Packaging’s unit dose products—ensuring safe and efficient drug delivery for your patients. Bar-coded to the dose level, AHP’s comprehensive unit dose line facilitates secure and efficient bedside scanning while lessening in-house product handling. Color-coded labels and “tall man” lettering are additional safety features that enhance patient care.

"Nothing is better than having medications pre-packed and unit-dosed in blister packs so patients don’t have to wait for their meds any longer. American Health Packaging makes this happen every day."

Carlos Somarriba, Pharmacy Buyer at University of Miami Health System, Florida

Secure and efficient  inventory management

Access life-saving products when your patients need them most with our temperature-controlled Cubixx® inventory management solution. Manual management of medication isn’t just inefficient; it has the potential to put patient lives at risk. All that changes with Cubixx. By providing RFID-enabled inventory monitoring and management in a zero-footprint solution, Cubixx allows health system pharmacies to work smarter—and safer.