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Accelerate Specialty Network

The Nation's first specialty-focused pharmacy services administration organization (PSAO).

Promoting patient and provider choice in  specialty pharmaceutical care

Managing complex conditions can present unique challenges to both patients and providers. Jumping through hurdles to access specialty medications shouldn't be one of them. In order to help tackle the access challenges that face community-based specialty pharmacies, AmerisourceBergen combined our market-leading PSAO services with our extensive specialty experience to create the nation's first specialty-focused PSAO.

Built to partner with payers to help promote and enable accessible community-based pharmaceutical care, Accelerate Specialty Network offers members solutions and insights that aim to deliver beneficial payer contracts - allowing providers to reduce administrative responsibilities and focus on what matters most: providing the best possible care to their patients. 

A unique network of high-performing specialty pharmacies

Our innovative network of independent specialty pharmacies, medically integrated dispensing practices, and health system specialty pharmacies dedicated to lowering the total cost of care through patient-centric community-based care. 

Expanded access through data-driven specialty contracting strategies 

We know that your pharmacy needs access to the right mix of contracts, tailored to the medications you dispense, in the communities you serve. We use comprehensive data and insights to inform our strategies and proactively expand members' access to specialty contracts through agreements with local, regional, and national payers and pharmacy benefit managers. 

Actionable analytics to help maximize specialty market opportunities 

By utilizing comprehensive pharmacy data, technology, and professional services, our experts can help find ways to optimize your business, minimize profit leakage, and maximize commercial prescription capture opportunities. 

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Discover the impact that clinically integrated specialty pharmacies can have on reducing the total cost of cancer care

Comprehensive PSAO services

Central Pay services

With Central Pay, you get complete cash flow visibility. See when your cash is tied up in receivables or when claim errors prevent you from getting the reimbursement you deserve, so you never leave money on the table.


Reconciling third-party payments is a tedious task that never ends, which is why our system automatically tracks every reimbursement for you and provides you with the tools you need to chase claims. We make it easy to verify your third-party payments, pinpoint underpaid claims, and prevent missed checks from going unnoticed.

Pre- and post-edit services

This crucial solution is like spellcheck for your claims. It automatically reviews every submission and makes real-time edits, so small mistakes never jeopardize your full reimbursement.

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Press Release

AmerisourceBergen Launches Accelerate Specialty Network – Nation’s First Specialty-Focused Pharmacy Services Administration Organization 

April 2021


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