Lisa Harrison
Lisa Harrison
Vice President, Practice Business Solutions
Specialty Physician Services
Lisa Harrison, RPh currently serves as Vice President, Practice Business Solutions for AmerisourceBergen’s Specialty Physician Services. In this role she oversees solutions that enhance business performance for community practices and empower patient care.  

Ms. Harrison was formerly the Director of Pharmacy Services for ION Solutions, an AmerisourceBergen company, where she led the Clinical Practice Consultant team. In this role, she and the Clinical Practice Consultant team supported the development and implementation of the Specialty Oncology Network Physician Dispensing and Retail Pharmacy clients. Lisa leads the Specialty Oncology Network advisory panel for the organization. Members of the panel include Pharmacy Directors, Physicians and Administrators. Lisa brings 12 years of experience in Oncology, with eight years spent in a large Oncology practice and four additional years on the provider side of the industry.

Lisa earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Business from Judson College followed by a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Auburn University.