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The entry to reach one of the largest bases of independent retail pharmacies

Join our wholesale marketplace where thousands of community pharmacy owners are filling their shelves with unique items from sellers like you.

The future of retail is local

Our customers are unique. Strong and independent by nature. Cornerstones of their communities, staples in their local economies, and consistently available to neighbors in the heart of the city or way outside of town. We believe in the power of community pharmacy, and we want to help connect you to one of the most geographically diverse sets of customers among any other available marketplace. 

Customers that are more connected, in all ways

Seamless experience
Our retail pharmacy customers simply log into their normal ordering system, ABC Order, and enter the Marketplace shopping experience in the top navigation

Enhanced visibility
With our dedicated seller pages, customers can easily shop and view your full assortment – any new products or pricing adjustments are instantly visible on the platform so you can control your shop. 

Pharmacy coaching and support
We have a team of coaches that actively help pharmacies source and test new products in their store, creating additional  opportunities for your product to be featured.

A powerful partnership that unlocks unlimited possibilities

Sell confidently on a trusted platform

AmerisourceBergen is one of the largest global pharmaceutical distributors and operating a vast logistics network. Trust and security are baked into everything we do. 

Access thousands of verified customers

Our independent customers are active in our ordering platform and transacting daily. We'll handle all of the invoicing and credentialing, so all you have to do is pick, pack, and ship.

Get help when you need it

Need help setting up? Or just want to talk about ways to grow your brand. We have category managers and a seller operations manager dedicated to helping your business thrive on Marketplace.

Boost your bottom line

Marketplace makes it easy to list your products with a competitive fee structure. Complete the form below to connect with our team for more details.

Tap into the pharmacy market with personalized support for diverse suppliers

When you become a seller on AmerisourceBergen Marketplace, reaching a new target audience is just the beginning. Many of the customers shopping on our platform are actively seeking out diverse suppliers to buy from, and we’ll partner with you to help you differentiate your business and maximize this unique opportunity.

What's needed to join AmerisourceBergen Marketplace?

To sell successfully on Marketplace, we require the following documents / capabilities of our seller partners:
  • Certificate of insurance with liability coverage
  • Signed vendor agreement and completed paperwork
  • Ability to pick, pack, and ship

Ready to get started? Let's talk!