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Cencora Marketplace

Simplify your front-of-store purchasing experience

Discover a seamless shopping experience with access to more products to diversify your storefront

A new level of convenience

In a world with less time and more demand, efficiently sourcing front-of-store products for your pharmacy can be an immense undertaking. Let’s reimagine how you leverage your primary wholesaler as a source for everything your pharmacy needs. Marketplace helps you take back your time by unlocking the potential to procure items faster and more efficiently than ever. 

Every product from
front to back

Packed with over 25,000 front-of-store products and seamlessly integrated with ABC Order, Cencora Marketplace exponentially enhances your ability to procure your entire pharmacy’s assortment  – from front to back. With verified suppliers and a variety of unique products, you'll never need another vendor. 

Boost your cash flow with 45-day payment terms

Marketplace offers exclusive 45-day payment terms for orders placed on the platform. This extended payment window accommodates larger comprehensive front-end purchases and acknowledges the unique selling dynamics of these products within pharmacy settings. By providing flexible payment options, Marketplace aims to support your pharmacy in maximizing cash flow while expanding your product offerings.

Categories that fit your pharmacy's values

Your pharmacy is a one-of-a-kind healthcare destination, and the products we stock should support those values. 
Now you can easily discover thousands of items uniquely curated for independent retail pharmacies.


Direct access to diverse suppliers

At Cencora, we're proud to work hand in hand with a multitude of suppliers that are certified as small business enterprises, small businesses in underutilized areas, and companies where the ownership is mostly:

  People with disabilities 

 Every day, we partner with our growing group of diverse suppliers to bring more of their products to you and your customers. 

Connecting you in all ways

Access to a curated platform through your ABC Order account, simplifying storefront procurement while tracking orders in real-time and enabling direct communication with sellers via our messaging functionality.

A seamless experience

Easily navigate between ordering your Rx products, and browsing items for the front of your store. Our Marketplace platform is integrated with ABC Order so you can easily manage your entire pharmacy’s assortment from a centralized source.

Simplified accounting

ABC Order provides a comprehensive view of your invoicing for both front-of-store and Rx orders in one familiar and convenient location. All Marketplace payments are submitted to Cencora, allowing you to consolidate transactions with one vendor. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of exclusive 45-day payment terms on platform orders.

Ready, log in, go.

For Cencora customers, there’s no complicated setup process, or additional login credentials. Simply sign into your ABC Order account, click Marketplace in the top navigation bar, and begin exploring products!

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