Global market access consulting

Transforming evidence and market intelligence into effective global market access strategies and solutions. 

Global market access capabilities

Unlock your product potential with a global market access partner: 

  • Engage - early with stakeholders
  • Monitor - global and local Health Technology (HTA) landscape
  • Design - strong evidence and submission packages
  • Leverage - opportunities for HTA interactions & generate real-world evidence
  • Communicate - your product's value
  • Apply - critical health economics and outcomes research information

Our global biopharma consulting capabilities

When launching products in Europe and HTA countries, AmerisourceBergen provides deep understanding of the environment, competition, and considerations for market access. We evaluate how your product many be viewed by payers and assess what may be needed beyond your clinical trials. We can help you engage early with key decision-makers and provide timely advice on strategy and execution.

Health economics & outcomes research

Work with industry-recognized experts who apply scientific methodologies to conduct the full scope of health economics and outcomes research for effective strategic planning. We combine rigorous, technical expertise with an understanding of local markets and multiple disease states to deliver relevant, transparent, and credible results to help inform practical strategies and tactics that communicate a robust portfolio of value-based evidence.

Market access consulting

When launching products outside the U.S., Xcenda provides deep understanding of the environment, competition, and considerations for market access across Europe and HTA countries. We evaluate how your product many be viewed by payers and assess what may be needed beyond your clinical trials. 

Real-world evidence

With strategic global data partnerships in the US, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Canada, Japan, and China, we support our clients' global strategies along the entire product lifecycle.

Our databases are sourced from administrative claims, electronic medical records, or disease registries, and capture patient-level health information and outcomes for healthcare services performed in various care settings.

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Ask local experts from markets worldwide

Global market access network

Understand the nuances of key international markets through Xcenda's Global Market Access Network. This proprietary panel of advisors is composed of healthcare and payer experts who have the experience, insight, and relationships to help with formal documentation, evidentiary demands, and all aspects of the complex submission processes in more than 22 countries around the world.

Our global market access and consulting insights

Market access abroad: Three reasons why early planning is critical for HTA countries

Regulatory approval may represent a giant leap forward in a product's path to commercialization, but in Europe and several other regions, it is far from the last step. In these markets, health technology assessments (HTAs) add complexity and nuance to global launch plans. HTAs mandate formal documentation, robust evidentiary requirements, and other activities that convey a therapy's value. If every obligation is not met, it can delay market entry.

Avoid product launch delays with a well-prepared market access strategy

The new EU regulation on health technology assessment: Major change or minor adjustment?

The new 2022 European Union (EU) health technology assessment (HTA) regulation is intended to streamline assessment of clinical data across the EU and minimize duplication of effort, for both health technology developers and HTA bodies. We consider what the new regulation means for health technology developers, particularly in terms of evidence submission requirements and what can be done to influence the implementation of the new regulation.

Orphan drugs: trapped in the lock? A review of the lock system in the Netherlands

Whilst orphan diseases individually are rare, collectively they are not; population prevalence of rare diseases is put at 5% to 10%. Whilst developers look for high prices to cover their costs, can payers afford them? A review of the “lock” system in the Netherlands suggests maybe not.

MWI Animal Health sales representative in conversation with vet practice manager Buying Group

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