Why Specialty Pharmacy is Key to Collaborative Care

By US Bioservices |

A primary aim of emerging healthcare models is facilitating collaboration among stakeholders to improve access, patient care and clinical and economic outcomes. Care team members can make more efficient and accurate decisions when they have greater transparency and accessibility to the latest clinical information. Specialty pharmacies play an integral role in enhancing coordination through innovative care models and technologies that unify stakeholders in overcoming barriers and providing optimal care.

“A multidisciplinary approach to patient care that aligns oncologists and specialty pharmacists — from diagnosis to initial dispense to completion of therapy — is critical to the creation of positive outcomes. By collaborating with providers in areas such as communication, patient education and adverse effect management, specialty pharmacies can help create a clinically-coordinated care model that allows oncology patients to truly benefit from treatment and live longer lives.”

- Kelly Ratliff, President Emeritus, US Bioservices

Kelly Ratliff

“Collaboration in the specialty pharmacy space is critical for the patient. The physician is making the treatment decision, but often the manufacturer will provide additional services to support patients. The specialty pharmacy really sits in the middle. We connect those different stakeholders in the patient’s journey to support medication adherence throughout their regimen.”

- Joy Gilbert, Vice President of Operations, US Bioservices

Joy Gilbert

“PBMs, manufacturers and pharmacies are focused on common goals around increasing patient access and improving outcomes. Specialty pharmacies play a key role in getting patients on therapy quickly and working with providers to help them navigate formularies for payers or prior authorization requirements. We also enhance communication between the various stakeholders by providing access to critical information through real-time visibility and transparency into activities within the pharmacy itself.”

- Kevin James, Vice President of Payer Strategy, US Bioservices

Kevin James

“This new era of integration, collaboration and coordination highlights what makes US Bioservices’ model for provider-led specialty pharmacy so unique. While vertical integration happens around us, we’re aligning our services with the sites of care where patients prefer to be treated.”

- Randy Maloziec, Vice President of Business Development, US Bioservices

Randy Maloziec

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