Promoting Health and Wellness in the Community

By AmerisourceBergen |

Independent pharmacies play a vital role in caring for the people in their communities. Filling prescriptions and educating patients about their medications is essential, of course, but just as crucial are the services pharmacists can provide to promote health and wellness. Helping patients to lose weight, quit smoking and manage complicated conditions such as diabetes are three ways pharmacists and pharmacy staff can positively impact the lives of the people they serve. 

Overcoming Obesity

“As community pharmacists are keenly focused on their patients’ health, obesity is a primary concern. In addition, with so few pharmacies offering programs to encourage weight loss or combat weight gain, it also serves as a great opportunity for community pharmacies to differentiate themselves.” 

- Missy Ervin, Director of Brand and Program Development, Good Neighbor Pharmacy


Caring for the Patient with Diabetes

“Done well, the right blend of products and services can transform independent pharmacies from a 'drugstore' to a bona fide healthcare destination that's seen by patients with diabetes as a one-stop resource for all their day-to-day needs.”

- Tanya Mericle, Director, Business Coaching Operations


How Community Pharmacies Can Help Patients Quit Smoking

“A comprehensive, multifaceted program that combines pharmaceuticals, counseling and information can have good results...By helping patients quit smoking, community pharmacists can help patients — and those who might be impacted by patients’ secondhand smoke — to live longer, healthier lives.”

- Missy Ervin, Director of Brand and Program Development, Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Smoking Cessation