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Best Practices From our 2018 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Award Nominees

By AmerisourceBergen

The Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Award recognizes a pharmacy that exemplifies what it means to be a pillar in their community. Beyond filling prescriptions, they display excellence in patient care, community outreach and innovative pharmacy practice.

What makes our 2018 finalists great?  Read how each has taken a patient-first approach and learn about the best practices that make them a vital part of their community:

North Village Pharmacy, Yanceyville, North Carolina

North Village Pharmacy has been a fixture in Yanceyville since 1976. It’s one of those places where the slogan “Where You’re Treated Like Family” is put into practice every day. Owner Vernon Massengill alongside his daughter, Melissa, and son-in-law, Trey, is an integral part of the community. He serves as a volunteer fire marshall for Caswell County and a trusted advisor and friend for many.
North Village Pharmacy
What makes North Village Pharmacy great?

North Village Pharmacy embodies the important role a pharmacy plays in providing care to its community. In Caswell County, there is no hospital and no other pharmacy. Because of this, North Village has established itself as the place community members go for expert advice.

What do they have to say?

“We pride ourselves on knowing our customers by name and learning about their lives and their families so that they feel comfortable here and so that we can best address any needs they have. Since opening in 1976, we have grown from a small pharmacy to a modern pharmacy offering traditional pharmacy services as well as innovative solutions to healthcare concerns. From flu and strep testing in-store, to diabetic education, to in home visits with our patients when necessary, we care.”

Shatto's Frontier Pharmacy, Douglas, Wyoming

Shatto’s Frontier Drug has served the community of Douglas for more than 40 years.  Known for always going the extra mile for patients and customers, Gary and Jan Shatto and their daughter, Tanisha Dexter, will do whatever it takes to ensure patients have the medication they need, when they need it — even if that means driving 60 miles to pick up a medication they don’t have on the shelf. 
Shattos Frontier Pharmacy
What makes Shatto’s Frontier Pharmacy great?
Shatto’s exemplifies what it means to be committed to patient care by managing the patient’s prescriptions holistically. They take the time to understand each fill in context of the patient and coordinate with local physicians to provide greater purview and ensure positive outcomes. No matter what their patients are going through, Shatto’s provides a place where patients feel cared for and loved.  

What do patients have to say? 
“The personal and individualized touch. Each and every pharmacist looks at the person not just the prescription or the quota to be filled. Your attention to detail and personal touch makes all the difference!”

“As a nurse, I've seen another side to your wonderful hometown, personalized care. I've seen staff come in after hours to meet patients for urgently needed medications. I've seen staff assist patients in getting the funds together and go above beyond to find resources available.”

Belew Drug, Knoxville, Tennessee

Belew Drug originated as a soda fountain in Knoxville before evolving to become a healthcare fixture that has been in the community for 53 years. The professionals at Belew Drug provide more than just prescriptions. David, owner and pharmacist, operates under the philosophy that treating patients means caring for them from start-to-finish. 
Belew Drug
What makes Belew Drug great?
Belew Drug embodies what it means for a pharmacy to be a wellness destination. From immunization programs and medication therapy management to diabetic training and opioid education and counseling, Belew Drug offers comprehensive care for the community at large. And its  dedication to health and wellness means providing patients with resources to get informed about health-related issues such as exposure to addiction medication, steps for safe nursing, radiation exposure and weight loss.

What do they have to say?
“We know that personal attention to each individual customer is the only way to achieve excellence. We have held on to that practice while evolving our pharmacies to suit our customers’ wants and needs. Celebrating 50 years in business and now with four locations, we are Knoxville’s most trusted local independent pharmacy.”


Who do you think should be named 2018 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year? 

Online voting for the Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Award is currently open to the public and will close at 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, July 15, 2018. The winner will be announced on Friday, July 20 at the ThoughtSpot 2018 General Session.

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