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Webinar: the growing utilization of copay accumulator programs

By Corey Ford, MHA, Dale Hanna

Insights and strategies for manufacturers to consider in light of new payer cost control tactics
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Over the past four years, commercial health plans and pharmacy benefit managers have devised copay accumulator programs, which exclude the use of manufacturer-sponsored commercial copay assistance from a patient’s accrual of out-of-pocket (OOP) expenses throughout a plan benefit year. As the use of copay accumulators continues against pharmacy benefit drugs, commercial plans may explore new models targeting medical benefit products.
With large health plans pursuing accumulator models targeting medical benefit products, manufacturers offering copay assistance for those products will need to incorporate accumulator mitigation strategies into their program design.
View our on-demand webinar to learn:

  •  Copay accumulator and maximizer trends
  • Operational solutions
  • Impact on patients and copay programs
  • Future landscape
  • Manufacturer strategies for consideration

Listen to Corey Ford, Director, Reimbursement & Policy Insights for Xcenda and Dale Hanna, Director, Product Management for Lash Group, as they provide insights and strategies for manufacturers to consider in light of this new accumulator model. 

About The Authors

Corey Ford, MHA
Vice President of Reimbursement and Policy Insights
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Dale Hanna
Product Director, Adherence Services
Lash Group
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