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The Power of Patient Activation: eBook

By AmerisourceBergen

Designing adherence solutions around the evolving needs of the patient.

Medication adherence is a primary determinant of treatment success, yet only 50 percent of patients with chronic conditions take their medications as prescribed.1 The reasons for non-adherence are vast and patient-specific. How can manufacturers design patient support programs that not only unlock the factors contributing to non-adherence, but activate patients toward improving it?

In this ebook, Lash Group examines historic approaches to improving non-adherence, methods for measuring adherence tendencies and how to improve adherence by combining measurement and patient engagement. We also share a real-world example of Lash Group's unique approach and the impact on patient outcomes.

The growing need for holistic adherence solutions means manufacturers are increasingly tasked with finding right-sized patient support program offerings. Learn how to design a support program that empowers patients and improves adherence. Download this ebook today. 
1. World Health Organization. Adherence to long-term therapies: evidence for action. 2003. Accessed July 18, 2018. Available online at: