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White paper: Setup a robust and scalable supply chain for Cell and Gene Therapies

By AmerisourceBergen

How a global network can drive efficiencies in a challenging environment                       

Medical advances allow for the creation of targeted, personalized, and potentially curative treatments for patients, also known as cell and gene therapies or advanced therapies. Those involve replacing, manipulating, or engineering cells, and/or genetic material to fight disease.

Cell therapies are treatments that involve inserting manipulated human cells into the patient to treat the disease and can be split between autologous therapies, where a patient receives modified cells from their own cellular population and allogeneic therapies, where several patients are treated with donor(s) modified cells.

At the forefront of innovation, those therapies bring much hope for the future of medicine, as they could transform how we treat and potentially cure certain diseases.  But their evolution into viable treatments relies on a robust logistics platform to manage the complex coordination of stakeholders and processes and deliver essential components on time and within critical parameters.

Download the white paper, written in partnership with Arvato,  to learn more about the importance of building a robust cryogenic logistics platform for allogeneic therapies that can scale up and out to support global commercialization goals.