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Overcoming reentry concerns with workplace wellness technology

By AmerisourceBergen

Put return-to-work fears at rest with an app that helps your employees prioritize what matters.

As the world slowly returns to something resembling normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's time for employers to start thinking about what a return to work looks like for their workforce.

Currently, 67 percent of remote workers in the U.S. say they would only be willing to return to an office when all of their coworkers have been vaccinated, and 57 percent of Canadians say employers should be able to require vaccinations before employees return to.

That leaves employers, HR, and workplace safety teams executing reentry programs facing daunting questions:

  • How do you alleviate anxiety about returning to the office?
  • How do you balance employee health and safety with privacy concerns?
  • What tools exist to make managing reentry easier?

Chronically Simple - Vaccine tracker

Fortunately, technology exists that can help you calm fears and prioritize what's important:



They're still your biggest assets, and throughout the pandemic, most employees have reported that their employers are putting safety above profits. Continue to demonstrate this by incorporating technology into your workplace wellness program that not only allows employees to capture their own vaccination status, but also has holistic features that help them manage their health and medication, find clinics, and more. Particularly as COVID-19 exacerbates stress-induced conditions, applications that help employees proactively manage health conditions and ease the burden on caregivers can go a long way toward reducing absenteeism and other issues that can become problems once employees return to an office setting.



The best apps for tracking vaccination status and other health information do it without the employee losing control of their medical information. That means the employer receives blinded, aggregated reporting from the vaccine tracker on how much of the employee population is vaccinated, while the individual maintains his or her privacy. Clear communication about respecting employee privacy is critical, so make sure to adequately convey to employees that their privacy is a priority.


With reports of "vaccine passport" requirements making headlines, built-in QR code functionality can make a workplace wellness app serve multiple purposes if those requirements become a reality. And if not, the employee still has robust health information accessible at a tap. No more carrying around binders or folders of medical documents.

Making sure employees are comfortable and ready to return to work is perhaps the most important part of a return to society. The right technology can go a long way in establishing that comfort level.

Chronically Simple supports a stress-free, seamless experience for employees that helps them confidently return to the office.

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