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Whitepaper: Key Strategies for Cell and Gene Therapy in China

By Alex Guite

From Clinical Trials to Commercialization

We've observed a clear trend in China's Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) market in recent years. but there remains challenges around the prioritization of commercialization and research. In today’s market, innovative therapies have to go international. It is a high-risk high-cost business to ensure returns and worthwhileness. To achieve these goals, early planning is key for emerging cell and gene therapy developers.

From day one, companies should consider how their manufacturing, patient recruitment, and target markets will eventually synergize with their product’s commercialization.


In this whitepaper, we will explore:

  • China’s CGT Market and its leading position worldwide
  • Roadmap of China’s CGT progression
  • Product Launch – things to know for CGT companies
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Planning
  • International Shipments
  • Prioritizing Markets

About The Author

Alex Guite
Senior Vice President, General Manager
World Courier
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