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Commercializing Cell and Gene Therapies

By AmerisourceBergen

Clinically promising, commercially challenging. Discover the go-to-market strategies to succeed when the patient is in the supply chain.

White Paper

Positioning Cell and Gene Therapies for Commercial Success

Cell and gene therapies promise to transform patient outcomes by unlocking cures for diseases with high-unmet need. Yet their complex nature presents unprecedented challenges across logistics, commercialization, market access and reimbursement that threaten to derail a product’s success. As cell and gene therapies move through clinical trials and advance toward a commercial launch, innovators must overcome unprecedented challenges. In many cases, this will require redefining established approaches within many areas of commercialization.

Through our industry-leading business units, AmerisourceBergen brings expertise in each area required for successful commercialization, ranging from specialty logistics and market access consulting to patient support programs and the analysis of health outcomes evidence. In this white paper, authored by our multi disciplinary and market-leading experts, readers will learn what it takes to design an effective commercialization strategy and execute an integrated solution when the patient is in the supply chain.