Webinar Part 2: Leveraging AI within eBV to speed access to therapy

By Shanna Barnes; Myra Reinhardt |

Find the right tech mix to help speed access to therapy

Electronic benefit verification (eBV) technology has changed. How can you ensure that you’re always leveraging innovation for your access program? By choosing a consultative patient support partner that focuses on people, process and technology.

Join Lash Group’s Myra Reinhardt, VP, Product Innovation and Analytics, and Shanna Barnes, VP, New Business Development, as they share key considerations for determining the right technology mix for your program.

In Part 2 of this two-part series, you’ll:

  • Get actionable tips for vetting medical and pharmacy BV solutions
  • Learn when and how to move to the next step in activating access solutions for your program

About the Authors

Shanna Barnes

Vice President, Business Development
Lash Group
Shanna Barnes, Vice President, Business Development, brings expertise in building long-term client relationships and delivering results. She works closely with manufacturers to help build all-encompassing service solutions that meet the needs of patients and providers. 
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Myra Reinhardt

Vice President, Product Innovation & Analytics
Lash Group
As the Vice President of Product Innovation and Analytics, Myra Reinhardt brings expertise in strategic planning, product development and deploying large-scale technology solutions. Focused on product and analytics, she is responsible for the delivery and implementation of solutions that support the growth of the Lash Group business.
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