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Harness the convenience of an online pharmacy on the farm or ranch

By MWI Animal Health

 Livestock veterinary practices can boost revenue and reduce administrative burden

Veterinarian with clipboard with cow in feedyard

Increase your livestock veterinary practice's profitability — not its to-do list — with an online pharmacy. This resource allows veterinary practices like yours to create custom storefronts that capture the added revenue of large animal health prescriptions and products without the added hassle of inventory investment. Instead, you can access your distributor's entire catalog while creating an online storefront tailored for your producer clients. Streamline the shopping experience while reducing the administrative burden on your staff by engaging with an online animal health pharmacy.

Tamp down to-do lists

Chances are that administrative tasks such as labeling and shipping animal health products, answering calls, managing prescriptions, and taking orders can overwhelm your staff. An online platform simplifies animal health prescription and product ordering for clinics and clients alike. Your producer customers can place orders and manage their approved prescriptions online at any hour, day or night, and without contacting your office.

An easy-to-use online interface offers producers a quick way to shop for products, save their favorites, check out securely, track their orders, and manage prescriptions and refills, regardless of whether they log on from their computer, tablet, or cellphone. On the veterinary side, a practice can manage prescriptions and customers, customize price lists, and view reports — from top-selling manufacturers to profit summaries — through online admin accounts. When a client submits a new order to the online storefront, alerts and notifications appear on the admin site for review and approval.

Boost revenue
The online animal health pharmacy allows you to create custom pricing lists. These tailored pricing lists let veterinary practices like yours set their own margins at both the customer and vendor levels, appealing to a wide customer base. But this added level of pricing control isn't the only feature that boosts a practice's profits.

An online platform reduces clinics' input costs and allows staff to customize animal health prescriptions and product prices to optimize returns. Given the high cost to manage a practice today, it's nice to keep less product on hand. An online animal health pharmacy would enable your livestock veterinary practice to stock less inventory. Without the weighty overhead costs of additional clinic inventory, veterinarians can offer their producers a more comprehensive array of animal health prescriptions and products. In addition, with on-demand delivery and negotiated shipping costs, they can do so with less financial risk.

"The variety of medicines is wonderful for clients," Maria Heater, large animal inventory manager, says. "It is better than competitors." By offering a robust array of animal health products and prescriptions, veterinarians can add another revenue stream to their practice.

When it comes to clinic inventory, the initial cost is not the only expense saved. Using an online pharmacy allows practices to save on inventory storage costs, administrative staff, and handling fees.

A customizable online animal health pharmacy is like hitting the easy button for an added revenue stream. You can easily copy and save prescription instructions, with approval for incoming animal prescriptions just a click away. After the initial administrative setup (selecting products, customizing pricing, managing client accounts), this powerful e-commerce option offers a kind of set-it-and-forget-it appeal.

Safe and easy to use
Of course, a product is only as good as its usage rate. You may wonder how your producer clients will take to an online pharmacy. Platforms like this must prove easy to use. "I'm impressed with how easy it is to keep current clients using the system," Heater says.

Producers access your veterinary clinic's site through a custom URL. When clients log into the site, they can easily navigate it to manage their animal health prescriptions and purchase products. Farmers and ranchers of all ages have found the platform quite intuitive and rarely need clinic staff to help them navigate the process. Crucially, client data is safe and protected, and the online payment system is entirely secure.

Best of all, producers can access the site at any time — even outside of office hours — and the products ship directly to their farms or ranches, giving them the instantaneous service and maximum convenience they've come to expect. An online animal health pharmacy with the backing of an extensive distribution network also helps skirt shipping delays due to prescription availability, negotiated shipping rates nationwide, and next-day delivery capabilities.

A customized e-commerce storefront will allow you to provide your livestock producer clients with the animal health prescriptions and products you trust and recommend and without added delays or administrative stresses on your staff. That's a win all around.


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