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Answering common questions veterinary practices have about client-facing apps

By Sandra Siegel, DVM

Enhance workflows and meet clients' communication preferences

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Today, modern veterinary offices are strapped for time, leaving them reluctant to adopt new technologies. But this reluctance can end up costing practices more time in the long run. Even a simple oversight like not updating contact information can leave pet parents feeling frustrated with your practice.

This is why client-facing apps are so important. Outdated modes of communication can actually cost more time and, ultimately, clients. Today's pet parents are accustomed to a convenient digital environment where they can check medical records online, contact health providers by email or text, or request refills or appointments online rather than needing to call. They expect the same efficiency from their veterinarians.

AllyDVM's newly updated PetPage Patient Portal empowers both companion animal practices and their clients. The app serves as the virtual assistant you never realized you needed, streamlining communication between you and your clients. It may take just a little time to set up, but it saves even more time in the long run.

But exactly how does PetPage help you and your clients? This guide will walk you through the most common questions veterinarians ask.

Will a client facing app create more work for my staff?

When time is already a scarce commodity, you definitely don't want anything taking up even more of it. The good news is that AllyDVM's newly refreshed PetPage app will save your staff time.

First, you don't have to invest any time or capital into creating your own digital system. And you don't have to learn anything that's super complicated. The service is easy to use and configure.

You won't even be signing up your clients yourself. Instead, you'll be inviting them to download the free PetPage app themselves from the Apple Store or Google Play. (They can also use an online desktop version.) Your clients can schedule appointments or request refills through the app, lessening your front desk's workload.

Will I have less control over my workflow if I adopt an app?

You won't lose control over your clinic's workflow or your personal touch with PetPage. In fact, you can customize your app's robust platform to match the colors and appearance of your practice.

As for your workflow, you'll be even more efficient. PetPage simply automates tasks you already do, and frees your clients to do request tasks, like updating contact information and scheduling appointments. It helps your workflow run more efficiently, and makes your practice more technologically competitive.

Do my clients really want this?

Millennials and Gen Z already make up 46 percent of U.S. pet owners, according to the American Pet Products Association.

As time goes on, this digitally savvy group will make up an even higher percentage of pet owners, and the generations after them will continue to expect digital solutions. By setting up a client-facing app now, you'll be ahead of your clients' growing demand for a digitally connected practice. 

This connectedness helps your clients feel a stronger bond and engagement with your practice. They can view medical reminders and practice announcements, add to-do lists with alerts, and request appointments and refills in the same place, all on their own time.

They'll even have instant access to a digital pet ID that delivers all their pet's most important health information, including rabies tag, microchip number, weight, vaccine history and reminders, and more. By having the tools they need at their fingertips, they can come to visits better prepared. And they can quickly access vaccine history for other pet services too, like doggy daycare, boarding, or other needs.

Why should I spend the time setting up an app for my clinic?

Many veterinarians want to embrace technology to improve efficiency, but the idea of selecting and implementing the technology can feel daunting.
The good news is that the time spent setting up this app will reap dividends in the years to come. Here are just a few examples:

  • The app encourages medical compliance by making it easy see upcoming appointments.
  • The app encourages retention with an optional client loyalty program. And loyal clients are your most profitable clients.
  • You'll have a competitive edge over other practices because many modern pet owners expect remote access to their pets' healthcare information.
  • You can post practice updates and announcements in the app, helping your clients feel more connected.
  • Your clients can put in a request to update their contact information. Now a postcard won't get lost in the mail and an email won't bounce.

Does the app talk to my PIMS?

Veterinary practices don't want to deal with disconnected platforms that end up being more time-consuming than their original workflow. So naturally, you'll want to know if a client-facing app syncs with your practice information management software (PIMS.)

PetPage integrates so well with your current PIMS that your clients can be prompted to register themselves for the app. Once they do, PetPage automatically syncs their pets and connects them to your PIMS. This lets your clients do many tasks that required your team's manual intervention in the past, such as requesting appointments, viewing appointment history, and requesting prescription refills.

Is my clients' data secure?

As a conscientious veterinary manager, you don't want to add any new apps or features unless you know that your data — and your clients' data — is safe. As the privacy policy spells out, AllyDVM believes that you and your client's data belong to you. We won't place any unreasonable restrictions on how you can use your data.

All client and patient data is only used by AllyDVM to fulfill campaigns you initiate. AllyDVM never sells, rents, or discloses its users' personal information or identifying information to unrelated third parties without prior consent from you. And we never use a third party to pull your data. Instead, we pull directly from your PIMS data ourselves every hour, enhancing data safety and ensuring your data is always up-to-date.

How do I help my clients understand the value of this new app?

Maybe you're ready to get started, but you're not sure how to communicate to your clients on the value of the PetPage Patient Portal app. Here are some points to help you get started.

  • Pet owners have more efficient access to healthcare information, including a digital Pet ID and vaccine records that they can print
  • They can request appointments, refills, and updates on the app, 24/7
  • Pet owners can set up their own push notification to-do lists to remind them about vital caregiving details, like when to give medication to their pets
  • Pet owners can customize their side of the app by uploading pet photos and redeeming loyalty awards (if you choose to use a loyalty program)
  • They'll easily learn about your practice's most important announcements without needing to check a website or social media page
  • They'll have streamlined access to practice, pharmacy, and after-hour emergency details

The PetPage app is a win-win for veterinary practices and their clients. It puts pet parents at the forefront of their pets' health, helping them feel more in control of their pet's health and better connected to the veterinarians they trust. At the same time, it helps your practice feel less overwhelmed with client demands and empowered to focus on what you do best: improving pets' health and quality of life.


Is a client-facing app right for me?

Explore the PetPage website for more details and a chance to schedule a demo