Our Role in Transitioning from Rebates to Point-of-Sale Discounts

As nationwide concern over drug pricing continues to rise, AmerisourceBergen stands behind our commitment to be a part of the solution.

As the vital link between pharmaceutical innovators and healthcare providers, AmerisourceBergen enables the seamless and economical delivery of pharmaceutical-centered care. The unique perspective affords us a complete view of the issues and opportunities facing supply chain stakeholders and healthcare industry at large.

And because distributors have relationships with all supply chain stakeholders, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate point-of-sale discounts, one of the many drug pricing policies the Administration and Congress are considering.


“AmerisourceBergen is, at its core, a healthcare solutions provider. As we look into the future, we believe that there could be an opportunity for AmerisourceBergen – and the distribution industry as a whole – to help facilitate a possible solution to ensure patient access to pharmaceuticals at discounted prices.” 

Steven H. Collis, Chairman, President and CEO, AmerisourceBergen

Steve Collis

Read AmerisourceBergen's response to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Notice of Proposed Rule Making regarding the Removal of Safe Harbor Protection for Rebates Involving Prescription Pharmaceuticals. 

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