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Every long-term care pharmacy has a story

We believe long-term care pharmacies are uniquely positioned to improve the lives of the most vulnerable populations.  The world needs to know more about what you do — and we want to make your story heard.

You have the freedom to adapt to the needs of long-term care facilities and the patients they serve, which is the key to a healthier community.  No one can serve your customers quite like you can, and that’s a story that deserves to be heard.


What’s your story?

There’s never been a better time to clearly define what sets your pharmacy apart and amplify those characteristics. Think about what you do differently and what you can offer patients that no one else can. Now, let’s capture that for the world to see.

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Every long-term care pharmacy has something special to offer

Cloney’s Red Cross Pharmacy—Eureka, California

We’re the pharmacy that services most of the skilled nursing facilities in our area. We’re on call 24/7 for the SNFs, hospice, the mental health crisis unit and our local Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. We work with insurance companies to get prior authorizations that other pharmacies won’t, and we coordinate with local payees and offer charge accounts to make sure patients get their medications seamlessly and in a timely manner. We’re also the go-to pharmacy in the area for specialty drugs and for clinicians who have patients needing extra care with their medications. In addition to compliance packaging and medication synchronization services, we offer free delivery for our patients, employing seven drivers who make prescription and OTC deliveries up to 70 miles away! We even send pharmacists into the community to set up vaccine clinics at local businesses and care homes during flu season.
Cloney's Red Cross Pharmacy

Polaris Pharmacy Services — Fort Lauderdale, FL

Polaris Pharmacy Services is a post-acute care pharmacy provider delivering quality and reliable services to senior living communities. Our caring approach is built on over 100 years of combined post-acute care expertise. We are an independent, privately owned corporation with a history of consistent growth and unprecedented customer retention. Within four years we have expanded to five pharmacy locations in four states. We strive to be the highest quality pharmacy provider in the post-acute pharmacy industry by providing exceptional service and excellent value to every one of our customers. Through Leadership and teamwork our goal is to provide the highest quality of care to our residents with advanced technology. To help achieve this goal, we provide our customers access to multiple technology-based offerings.

Allen’s PharmaServ – Youngstown, OH

Before opening Allen’s PharmaServ, Rick Marlin and Alan Mirkin worked for a chain of seven drugstores in Youngstown, Ohio –  Alan as CFO and Rick as Director of Pharmacy. After over 20 years of experience in retail, they learned customer service is the key to a successful retail business. Creating a satisfying shopping experience for the customer will lead to success. 

After the chain they worked for was purchased in 1998, Rick and Alan opened Allen’s PharmaServ, an institutional pharmacy built from their valuable experiences in retail. 

Even though institutional was not retail, the customer still needed a quality experience – but who was the customer?  It wasn’t always the end user, it was also the nurses, caregivers, and administrators. 

Rick and Alan recruited the best and brightest pharmacy professionals, skilled at anticipating and fulfilling customer needs. With this group of quality professionals at its core, and service as its theme, Allen’s PharmaServ thrived.

UnitedRx Long-Term Care Pharmacy – Hillside, IL

UnitedRx was founded by Chuck Benain, a pharmacist who saw a need in the marketplace for an LTC pharmacy that listened to their customers. Customer service has, is, and always will be our focus. You won’t ever hear us say, “No, that’s not how we do it,” rather we flex and adapt to customer needs with custom solutions.  From initial order taking to delivery at your facility, our customers have a voice in everything we do.

Starting with one pharmacy serving 2,200 beds in 2008, we have since grown to six pharmacies serving 18,000 beds across ten states, proving the success of our customer-focused model. We provide value to our customers and their patients beyond medications.  Whether it’s in financial savings and reporting, customized medication packaging technologies or educational opportunities, we utilize as much technology as we can to achieve desirable results.  We’re flexible, adaptable, and innovative, which means we’re willing to work with customers to develop the best solutions for contracting, pricing, process, and delivery challenges.

Foulkeways at Gwynedd Pharmacy – Gwynedd, PA

At Foulkeways, we believe having the clinical knowledge of a pharmacist and the convenience of an on-site pharmacy is a win-win proposition for our retirement community.  With many seniors taking 10 or more medications a day, pharmacists play a critical role in communicating drug information to residents.  Pharmacists can fill the information gap regarding OTC and Rx prescriptions/orders and remove the drug information burden from prescribers.  Medication options are discussed with residents and their prescribers and a plan is set in motion for treatment and monitoring.  In addition to understanding different treatment options, face-to-face interaction allows the pharmacist to build relationships with residents and staff.

We allow residents to stay in their homes longer by providing a medication box service that assists in safely taking medications.  Our staff fills medication boxes for residents every week with pills set to appropriate times.  This medication box service has allowed residents to remain compliant while enjoying the freedoms associated with independent living.  We believe in being proactive to verify that residents are receiving value for their money.  Our pharmacists commonly call prescribers to discuss financially responsible, clinically effective alternatives.

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