Cell and Gene Therapy

Manufacturer Solutions

When medicine evolves, so do the methods of administration, supply chain processes, and technology used to connect patients to the therapies they need. And because a rapidly changing cell and gene therapy industry requires an equally innovative partner, AmerisourceBergen is committed to delivering solutions that bring these cutting-edge therapies to market.

Let’s build the future together. 


Working together to alleviate barriers

Our consultative approach and extensive reach across the healthcare landscape allows us access to the best insights in the industry. By harnessing these insights, we reduce logistical, purchasing, clinical, commercial and patient support barriers for our partners. 
Working together to alleviate barriers

Together, our businesses provide: 

  • Expert guidance on reimbursement and policy utilizing different modeling and information exchange
  • Complete logistics support from pre-clinical, through clinical trials to commercialization and post-launch solutions
  • Purchasing and business optimization for thousands of health systems, community practices, independent pharmacies and alternate care settings
  • Innovative patient access, affordability and adherence solutions

“Cell and gene therapies promise to transform patient outcomes by unlocking cures for diseases, but the complexity of these therapies presents innovators with unprecedented challenges across logistics, commercialization, market access and reimbursement. We have the privilege of speaking to and working with many of the innovators in this space and believe we have best-in-class solutions to help therapy owners scale their connection of patients with treatments.”


AmerisourceBergen Partnerships

Collaboration is essential to the creation of clinical and commercial scale logistics platforms. In order to support therapy developers, we have integrated systems and technology with a number of key partner organizations.

Redefining moments that matter

We approach every touchpoint along the cell and gene therapy commercialization and treatment timeline with the patient in mind. When we all collaborate to deliver potentially life-saving solutions, we can start redefining the moments that matter for patients, clinicians and our key stakeholders.

Redefining moments that matter