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Sustainably feeding a growing planet 

By the year 2050, 9.5 billion humans will call Earth their home. To feed our growing population with reduced natural resources, we need to produce more food in the coming decades than in the last 10,000 years. Our solutions allow for better operational efficiency, helping producers use less land and create less waste while caring for livestock. 
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Dispense the correct amount of medication easily and accurately

AnimalRx, a solution from MWI Animal Health, is a fully-licensed livestock pharmacy that fills prescription livestock products labeled in compliance with all Board of Pharmacy laws and delivers them to cattle, swine and poultry producers on behalf of their prescribing veterinarians. This important service plays a vital role in the safe production of our food supply by ensuring that livestock health products are properly stored and handled from the moment they leave the manufacturing facility to the moment they arrive at the ranch. 

Solution Spotlight: Track and manage Veterinary Feed Directives 

As part of AmerisourceBergen, Micro Technologies offers a proprietary system that helps producers comply with Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) requirements automatically.
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Precise micro-ingredient measurement delivers more protein and less waste

The Micro Weigh system from Micro Technologies is the only automated ingredient measurement and delivery system of its kind. It accurately weighs the liquid and dry ingredients that have been prescribed and uniformly delivers them, so that production animals receive the correct amount of recommended additive in every bite of feed. Micro Weigh measures to the half-gram level, cutting a pound of feed 900 ways for every batch, guaranteeing maximum benefit. 
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We make the animals we treat higher quality, more profitable and more wholesome, while providing our customers a growth path that includes a higher level of profitability.

Mark shaw, president of animal health at amerisourcebergen
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