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Smith Medical Partners is now part of AmerisoureceBergen

AmerisourceBergen finalized its acquisition of H. D. Smith and its subsidiaries in January 2018, in an effort to transform and expand the two companies’ joint offerings, growing a marketplace that helps create healthier futures for all.

With the addition of Smith Medical Partners—H. D. Smith’s subsidiary focused on specialty distribution and 3PL solutions—our specialty distribution services ensure that crucial medications efficiently, reliably and securely reach their destinations every day. Over 1,500 pharmaceutical manufacturers and tens of thousands of healthcare providers rely on AmerisourceBergen to help patients access the medications they need when they need them. 

We’re confident this evolution will lead to better business solutions for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturer partners.

Customizable, scalable 3PL solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

ICS partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver customized healthcare logistics solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of supply chains. Whether you’re an emerging manufacturer launching your first product or an established company looking to expand your business, ICS can partner with you to deliver a fully customized supply chain solution that meets your needs – today and tomorrow. 

Comparator Drug Sourcing for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Leveraging an established sourcing network and our trusted industry relationships, ICS will obtain comparator products directly from drug companies, reducing the risk of counterfeit product. We leverage our proven logistics history to simplify comparator drug access across the U.S. ICS buys all comparator drugs directly from the manufacturer, or from their exclusive distributor, to ensures a closed loop from the manufacturer to our comparator product client. 
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We shape healthcare delivery

Powered by our associates around the world, we provide the pharmaceutical products and business solutions that improve access to care. We operate the backbone of the healthcare supply chain. We drive the future of local care delivery. We guide medical innovations to market. This is what it means to create healthier futures.
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