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Optimizing site of care strategy and home infusion service line performance

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Market forces have accelerated the need for a site of care strategy

Patient and payer preferences continue to move care to lower cost, non-acute settings, including the patient’s home. An optimized site of care strategy is needed to prevent care gaps.

Financial pressures

Limit revenue deflation that can result from site of care shifts and payer requirements.

Unseen care gaps

Recognize care gaps that may exist even with high-performing outpatient infusion centers.

Home infusion potential

Explore if a home infusion service line can help prevent care gaps and drive new growth.

Overcome barriers to home infusion performance


Whether it’s creating a new home infusion program or improving an existing one, our experts can help.

  • Implement best-in-class clinical programs
  • Mitigate revenue cycle risk across sites of care
  • Optimize prescription capture and payer contracting

Learn more about your health system’s site of care opportunities

Our experts can perform a customized analysis to reveal your specific site of care opportunities. We can assess your current capture rates, revenue cycle, infusion program potential / performance, and more.