July 7, 2016

Lash Group Introduces Thumbprint, a Patient-Centric Approach to Adherence Management

Fort Mill, SC - Lash Group, a part of AmerisourceBergen, is strengthening its commitment to improving the patient healthcare journey through ThumbprintSM, a set of individualized adherence solutions for manufacturers designed with the patient in mind. The personalized services offered through Thumbprint address predictive therapeutic and condition-related health risks and empower patients to be an active participant in their own care.

“At Lash Group, we are focused on helping patients become champions of their own care plan,” said Tracy Foster, President of Lash Group. “We are excited to introduce our Thumbprint service models to manufacturers to make sure patients feel informed, involved and cared for on an individual basis, reducing barriers to their treatment. Nearly three in four adults are non-adherent to their therapy in some way. By breaking down the walls between individuals and their healthcare team, as we have with these solutions, we can make strides in reducing that number.”
Three unique service frameworks offered through Thumbprint focus on understanding common risk factors that lead to patient drop-off, employing patient-driven touchpoints to maximize patient satisfaction, and enforcing a communication practice built upon empathy and patient empowerment. The suite of services include:

This solution involves patient-directed communication, education and outreach to support patients’ participation in their treatment. This framework promotes patient engagement and adherence by identifying barriers to care and meeting the individual needs of the patient. Features of this service model — which include a URAC-accredited telehealth nursing call center, patient-specific needs assessments and tailored care plans — work together to help patients become empowered and engaged to increase commitment to therapy.

Modifications in therapy, transition from hospital to home, and other life changes can make it difficult to maintain a patient’s commitment to therapy. The MyTransitions model works to ensure continuity of treatment despite transitions in care by thoughtfully and diligently connecting patients with their full healthcare team, including caregivers and providers. Our approach to personalized support keeps patients and caregivers active and involved in their care by providing strategies and resources to overcome barriers and challenges that often lead to readmission or early therapy discontinuation

MyConnection supports patients through focused disease state and product education interactions. To help avoid patient drop off, targeted outreach campaigns anticipate patient needs related to disease progression or the onset of product side effects.  Services through this model include an on-demand URAC-accredited nursing call center, reminder services such as texting or telephone calls, and responses to frequently asked product- and disease state-related questions.
Adherence solutions through Thumbprint help patients better understand their treatment options and gain clarity about their healthcare-related goals, values and motivations. Thumbprint also offers:

Access and Affordability support programs
Digital Communications (eg, Live Chat, Texting & Email)
A Custom Program Design Framework
For more information about Lash Group’s Thumbprint adherence solutions and the unique services offered in each framework, visit http://www.lashgroup.com/services/adherence-services.

About AmerisourceBergen
AmerisourceBergen is one of the largest global pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution services companies, helping both healthcare providers and pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers improve patient access to products and enhance patient care. With services ranging from drug distribution and niche premium logistics to reimbursement and pharmaceutical consulting services, AmerisourceBergen delivers innovative programs and solutions across the pharmaceutical supply channel in human and animal health. With over $135 billion in annual revenue, AmerisourceBergen is headquartered in Valley Forge, PA, and employs approximately 18,000 people. AmerisourceBergen is ranked #12 on the Fortune 500 list. For more information, go to www.amerisourcebergen.com.

About Lash Group
Lash Group, a part of AmerisourceBergen, is a patient support services company with more than 20 years of experience in the strategic design and delivery of programs that continuously improve patient access to pharmaceutical products and adherence to therapy. Lash Group applies highly trained personnel and a patient-centric service philosophy for the most effective customer experience. Through innovative technology and performance reporting, and a commitment to quality and ongoing process improvement, we ensure efficient and optimized delivery of services to patients and providers on behalf of our pharmaceutical, device and biopharma manufacturer clients. For more information on Lash Group, go to http://www.lashgroup.com. To learn more about AmerisourceBergen, go to http://www.amerisourcebergen.com.