August 14, 2017

AmerisourceBergen Helps Innovators Navigate Commercialization for Cell and Gene Therapies

AmerisourceBergen recently launched an online, interactive cell and gene therapy resource that provides actionable insights for innovators grappling with the challenges of bringing these complex treatments to market. Through its industry-leading business units, AmerisourceBergen brings expertise in each area required for successful commercialization, ranging from specialty logistics and market access consulting to patient support programs and the analysis of health outcomes evidence. Its portfolio of integrated solutions is tailored to a cell and gene therapy’s unique needs. By partnering with innovators early, it can design a solution that creates needle-to-needle visibility for all stakeholders using data from the patient and product journey to demonstrate longitudinal outcomes and enhance the patient and prescriber’s experience – all of which will position a therapy for commercial success.
Experts across the company’s multi-disciplinary, market leading business units have brought their collective expertise to this cell and gene therapy-focused white paper. The white paper discusses what it takes to design an effective commercialization strategy and execute an integrated solution when the patient is in the supply chain. Innovators ready to shape this new landscape will find actionable insights for:
cGMP manufacturing
Securing regulatory approval
Integrating supply chain and logistics strategy
Critical success factors for market access
Creating a differentiated patient and provider experience
Managing payment and distribution
Cell and gene therapies promise to transform patient outcomes by unlocking cures for diseases with high-unmet need. These groundbreaking treatments are challenging and changing the clinical and commercialization processes in unprecedented ways, requiring innovators to think long-term and anticipate barriers as the lines of these traditional processes blur. With no distinct handoff between clinical and commercial settings and higher stakes than ever before, manufacturers must design forward-looking, patient-centric plans to navigate the journey from preclinical development to commercial manufacturing and commercialization success.
To learn more about best practices and considerations for effectively launching cell and gene therapies and ensuring their success through the product life cycle, download AmerisourceBergen’s white paper: Commercializing Cell & Gene Therapies.