October 26, 2016

AmerisourceBergen Foundation Awards $250,000 Grant to Support the Construction of a New Medical Distribution Center in Haiti

Conshohocken, PA – The AmerisourceBergen Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable giving organization focused on supporting health-related causes that enrich the global community and the philanthropic arm of AmerisourceBergen Corporation, announced today a $250,000 donation to Partners In Health, the largest nongovernmental health care provider in Haiti, to support the construction and equipping of a new medical distribution center outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The distribution center will serve as the cornerstone of the new Partners In Health (PIH) state-of-the-art logistics and supply chain system, designed to significantly improve stock management for the 12 health facilities PIH supports in Haiti’s Central Plateau and Artibonite Valley – two of the country's poorest regions. In total, the PIH-supported facilities serve an area of 4.5 million people, all of whom will benefit from greater access to medicines and medical supplies made possible by the distribution center.

“Like AmerisourceBergen, the AmerisourceBergen Foundation is dedicated to supporting efficient and safe access to pharmaceutical care around the globe,” said Gina Clark, EVP, president of AmerisourceBergen Foundation and chief marketing officer at AmerisourceBergen. “With the financial support from this grant, PIH’s plans for a new distribution facility will go a long way towards accomplishing this goal in Haiti. AmerisourceBergen will also support this cause with expertise from our associates who are some of the best in the world at getting medicines from manufacturers to the patients and providers who need them.”

“Helping build and sustain health systems in the countries we serve is central to our work, and this grant from AmerisourceBergen Foundation allows us to further that core mission,” said Dr. Gary Gottlieb, chief executive officer of Partners In Health. “With AmerisourceBergen Foundation’s support, we will be able to serve those most in need in Haiti more reliably, and we thank the Foundation for making this increased medical access possible.”

Every year, PIH procures and distributes nearly $10 million worth of medicines, supplies, and equipment to its facilities in Haiti, supplementing the resources available through the Haitian Ministry of Health. The new distribution center will make procurement and distribution more efficient and reliable, improving patient access to important medications. It will be built to U.S. seismic codes, capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds, and use efficient LED lighting. Its location allows for easy access to the airport, seaport, and all of the PIH-supported sites in Haiti. The new distribution center is also expected to create additional professional development opportunities for local supply chain staff and leadership, as a new inventory management system is implemented.

The initial phase of the distribution center will consist of a warehouse, an office mezzanine, and a covered loading dock. The warehouse section will include a climate-controlled cold room to store items that require refrigeration. The warehouse constructed during this first phase will be large enough to store approximately 60% of the total volume of stock of supplies and medicine for all of PIH’s sites in Haiti, and be outfitted with pallet racking to maximize space efficiency.
The AmerisourceBergen Foundation focuses on health and wellbeing initiatives that improve patient outcomes including pharmaceutical accessibility programs, pharmaceutical adherence programs and health improvement research. For more information on the AmerisourceBergen Foundation, visit amerisourcebergenfoundation.com.

About Partners In Health
Partners In Health is an international medical organization that helps build and sustain public health systems in poor and underserved communities around the world. Launched in Haiti in 1987, PIH today reaches 7 million people around the world and employs 18,000 people, including 15,000 local community health workers. In Haiti, PIH is the largest nongovernmental health care provider, serving an area of 4.5 million people in 12 clinics and hospitals. PIH significantly expanded its footprint in Haiti with the opening of the University Hospital of Mirebalais in 2013—a 300-bed public teaching hospital. Learn more about PIH’s work at www.pih.org.

About AmerisourceBergen
AmerisourceBergen is one of the largest global pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution services companies, helping both healthcare providers and pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers improve patient access to products and enhance patient care. With services ranging from drug distribution and niche premium logistics to reimbursement and pharmaceutical consulting services, AmerisourceBergen delivers innovative programs and solutions across the pharmaceutical supply channel in human and animal health. With over $140 billion in annual revenue, AmerisourceBergen is headquartered in Valley Forge, PA, and employs approximately 19,000 people. AmerisourceBergen is ranked #12 on the Fortune 500 list. For more information, go to www.amerisourcebergen.com.