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Supporting the Next Era of Independent Pharmacies in the US & Abroad

Drug Topics, Rich Tremonte and Guilio Burzacca

Ask a variety of people about what they think about when they hear the phrase “independent pharmacy” and many of them would describe an independent pharmacy straight out of the 1950’s: a soda counter, some basic health necessities, and a pharmacist who fills prescriptions and has all of the time in the world to answer questions. The reality is of course quite different, as discussed at this year’s ThoughtSpot Conference and Trade Show hosted by AmerisourceBergen and Good Neighbor Pharmacy in Orlando, Florida. Rich Tremonte, Customer Operations, Animal Health, and Community & Specialty Pharmacy (CSP), and Guilio Burzacca, Managing Director of Alphega Pharmacy, which is the European counterpart of Good Neighbor Pharmacy with pharmacies in 8 countries within the European Union plus the United Kingdom and Turkey, discussed how COVID-19 impacted independent pharmacists, what customers expect when they walk into a pharmacy, and what the future holds for the pharmacy industry.

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