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Supporting Patients Digitally

STEM Workforce Diversity Winter 2022, Kristen Ruffing

With more than 25 years of IT experience, Kristen Ruffing has certainly seen her fair share of change in the industry. She’s spent nine of those years working for AmerisourceBergen where she’s vice president of IT business applications supporting the animal health business unit. “I really play a liaison role between business and IT, understanding the business strategy and the capabilities needed to really see that strategy to fruition,” explains Ruffing. “Then my team translates that into the technology capabilities needed to enable that.” The key systems they have today include an enterprise resource planning (ERP) that they leverage to run the core business function for AmerisourceBergen’s distribution, wholesale business, and financials. They also support the e-commerce platform in the animal health space, as well as a mobile app. There are other peripheral systems that come into play as Ruffing’s department needs them.

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