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In the Realm of Cell and Gene Therapies, World Courier Delivers for Patients


With the advent of cell and gene therapies, getting those treatments to the right patients at the right time requires both manufacturers and suppliers to offer the most reliable and timely logistics possible.

World Courier, an AmerisourceBergen company, has been in the specialty logistics business for more than half a century. The company was responsible for transporting the first clinical trial medicines related to HIV in the 1980s, and pressed airlines to allow the movement of samples to researchers working on new treatments for AIDS.

“The service is, at its simplest, the safe and controlled transport of live cells from Point A to Point B,” Simon Ellison, World Courier’s Director of Cell and Gene Therapy, said. “The challenges behind that, however, are that you’ve got to maintain the temperature, you’ve got to maintain the chain of identity, and you quite often have to ship within a very short, defined shelf life. And because it’s patient specific, you’ve got to deliver it to a named contact, whether that be a manufacturer or a clinical setting.”

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