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How To Continue to Thrive in the New Normal: Tips for Pharmacy Owners

Drug Topics, Jennifer Shannon

Hi, everyone, my name is Jennifer Shannon. I'm a clinical pharmacist and owner of Lily's Pharmacy in Johns Creek, Georgia, and a proud member of AmerisourceBergen Good Neighbor Pharmacy. And I am super excited to be here today to talk to you about the stage that independent pharmacy has been placed upon over the last year and a half.I am so, so proud to be an independent pharmacy in my community. And I'm even more proud of my colleagues across the country who have showed the world how vital our care and our services are to our community. And I think it's safe to say that never before have we been placed in such a spotlight.

Across the country, we're patient see everywhere that independent pharmacists are caring for their community, not only during the pandemic, but always in a at a different level. And I think now is also the time for independent pharmacies to really take the time not to capitalize, but to make sure patients understand all the services you provide, and how well you provide them. And even more importantly, how much you care. And I think anybody that's listening to this right now could shake their head and say, you care all day every day about your patients.

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