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Education and Strategy Are Key to Nurturing Biosimilars for Success


Heralded as the next great chapter in pharmaceutical history, biosimilars are expected to trim healthcare costs while giving patients more access at lower prices. Adopted with open arms in the European market, the move to biosimilars in the U.S. has been a slog. 

Although first approved by the FDA in 2013, only 26 biosimilars have been given the regulatory agency’s nod and of those, only thirteen have been launched. Still, of those approvals, 18 occurred in the last two years. A sign that biosimilars have been gaining traction in the U.S.

“I’d say that it was a slow start but if we fast forward to today, we’re starting to see some momentum,” Sean McGowan, Senior Director of Biosimilars at AmerisourceBergen, said.

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