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Driving Product Success: Navigating The Clinical To Commercial Transition For Autologous Therapies

Cell and Gene Therapy, Andrea Zobel, Melissa Lattanzi and Jason Ramseth

Autologous cell therapies are some of the most innovative products being developed today, offering targeted, life-extending, and potentially curative treatments for patients. Driven by increased investments and new regulatory guidance, officials anticipate a wave of new cell therapies to reach market by 2024. In fact, there are more than 1,300 active cell therapy trials—a number that has grown significantly in recent years due, in part, to a dramatic increase in CAR-T cell clinical trials. Cell therapies — most of which are of autologous origin — offer tremendous promise for patients worldwide, including those who have conditions where there are few treatment options and no cures. However, the potential of these products could remain largely unrealized if innovators and their partners don’t develop a sound commercial strategy — one that accounts for the unique logistics considerations and the end-to-end solutions needed to support providers, payers and patients throughout the product journey.

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