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Biosimilar Industry Experts Highlight 2019 Triumphs, Tribulations

Biosimilar Development

As we close out another year of global biosimilar successes and twists and turns, it’s always important to take stock on just how far we have come and where we still hope to go as an industry. As in years past, I reached out to members of Biosimilar Development’s editorial board to get their perspectives on the past and upcoming year. But seeing as we’re poised to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Biologics Price and Competition Act (BPCIA) in March 2020, I also wanted to include as many experts as I could — regardless of their membership to the editorial board. Below you’ll find the editorial board’s & friends’ responses to the first of four questions. As you’ll note, responses to progress in the industry remain mixed; however, there is, arguably, much more optimism present and examples of great market growth cited throughout this brilliant collective’s responses compared to past years.

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