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AmerisourceBergen ‘De-Risks’ Home Infusion Market

HME News, Dan Teich

AmerisourceBergen has long offered consulting and startup services through its Pharmacy Solutions division, so when its health system customers said they wanted to add or improve home infusion services, the company built a program to help them do just that, says Dan Teich, vice president of client strategies.  “This is the next pivot in the market, based off talking to our customers, to help them de-risk the entry into home infusion,” he said. “It also has to do with payer trends – the idea of shifting patients away from hospital-based infusion centers. It’s really just a growing market.” Teich spoke with HME News about how the growing demand for home infusion services, propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and the push for health systems to take on increased patient risk, has created an inflection point in the market. 

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