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ThinkLive Commercialization

ThinkLive Commercialization is AmerisourceBergen's first ever virtual summit for our partners in brand management, patient access, and HEOR roles.
Our new ThinkLive Commercialization event dedicated to topics that impact market access and commercialization strategy took place in early February 2021. Our brand new ABLive platform will enable on-demand access to the event through May, including the chance to meet one-one-one with the AmerisourceBergen team. Below are highlights and additional resources from the event. 

Agenda highlights

  • Hear from AmerisourceBergen leadership including Steve Collis and our commercialization leadership on unlocking product potential
  • Listen in to a chat between AmerisourceBergen's Bob Mauch and Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner 
  • Learn outside perspectives from Wall Street with AmerisourceBergen's Leslie Donato and analysts from Baird and Deutsche Bank 

  • Understand new healthcare policy implications during a State of the Union session
  • Learn key considerations for manufacturers when commercializing cell and gene therapies, 

    new orphan or rare disease products, and COVID-19  vaccines and therapies
  • Gain detailed insights on strategies for specialty pharma and leveraging classes of trade

In The News

Meeting the commercialization challenge of a surging cell and gene therapy market

Undaunted by the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed on the world the expected surge of cell and gene therapies already in the pipeline and on the horizon will continue to materialize, and with them the complexity of riding that wave of innovation.

Commercialization in Canada: Navigating Complex Requirements to Drive Product Success

The Canadian pharmaceutical market, which is among the 10 largest worldwide, has long been viewed as a top-tier launch destination. However, the path to product commercialization in Canada is complex and can be challenging.

To successfully navigate the Canadian healthcare system, manufacturers should seek a partner with in-depth knowledge of the market that can help them design a commercialization strategy to drive product acceptance and success as quickly as possible. 

Addressing Disparities in Access: Designing Patient Support Programs to Close Gaps, Improve Health Outcomes

Recent research shows the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated racial and socioeconomic disparities in access to healthcare and health insurance. In fact, the uninsured rate among Black Americans climbed from 17 percent in February 2020 to 26 percent in September 2020.

Patient support programs are designed to remove barriers to care and help patients access, afford and remain on the treatment they need.

Cell and gene therapy: Creating connections amid complexity

Product developments in cell and gene therapy are both among the most groundbreaking and the most complex. Cell and gene therapy product launch success hinges on investment in the right technology and data solutions, and that also means finding the right partner.

COVID-19 Implications

Busting biopharma supply chain myths: Five ideas that COVID-19 has proved wrong 

Disproving some of the assumptions and myths that have been turned on their head by the COVID-19 crisis.

The impact of lockdown and restrictions on COVID-19 treatment trials

Three major challenges to prepare for: shifting travel restrictions, maintaining shipment integrity, and ensuring trial data can be relied upon.

Global Markets

Why Canada: How we help manufacturers commercialize their products in Canada

Innomar Strategies is the only turnkey provider who execute and implement all end to end commercialization services, for companies launching a new therapy into the Canadian marketplace.

Pharma manufacturing and distribution in sub-Saharan Africa: Logistics solutions

Governments globally are preparing for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout but some regions, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, lack infrastructure so will require more upfront investment and logistics planning.

Emerging Therapies

Cell and gene therapies: bringing  innovation to market

With the potential of 40+ groundbreaking cell and gene therapy products FDA-approved by 2024, manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to successfully bring these therapies to market. 
Join AmerisourceBergen experts for a webinar as they discuss commercialization considerations that manufacturers should know. 

Biosimilars Pipeline Report: A guide for understanding the growing market

Biosimilars are a promising product category, one that can provide patients and doctors with more affordable treatment options. As this market matures, its pipeline continues to grow. This reference guide is a useful tool to visualize and understand the current product landscape and potential future of this emerging market. 


How to maximize your drug commercialization investments

You want to make the most of scientific advances and move health forward to change patient lives for the better. View our guide on what matters most at each stage of the product life cycle to making the most of your commercialization investments.

The Future of payer engagement: How pharma can break through

Payers and IDNs representing over 275 million covered lives access a single platform for pertinent product information. Learn how to meet them where they are.

Speeding access to therapy with pharmacy eBV

As the payer landscape grows increasingly complex, manufacturers have to navigate new requirements at every juncture of the drug commercialization process. How manufacturers handle the intricate healthcare landscape could impact if and when patients can access the therapies they need.

Patient Experience

Rethink field services: Three myths keeping access barriers in front of your product

The current myths that may have the biggest impact on your product should you continue to believe them:
  • Myth #1: I only need field services for buy-and-bill products
  • Myth #2: Field services are only impactful in person
  • Myth #3: Field services aren't designed for small pharma

Case study: an innovative field reimbursement program expands patient access

Learn how Xcenda designed and launched a best-in-class field reimbursement and access support program. Steps include:
  • Make informed decisions
  • Knowledgeable experts and useful tools
  • Data-driven solutions
  • Convenient access to online education

Patient support launch guide: competitive markets

Everything you need to know about utilizing patient support programs to launch your product in a competitive marketplace. You'll learn:
  • How to leverage a proven program launch framework
  • Key considerations for differentiating your new therapy in a competitive market
  • Best practices for building and implementing a patient-centric support program
  • Questions to ask when selecting a patient support partner for your new therapy 

Patient support launch guide: novel therapies

Get actionable insights from Lash Group experts to help you learn how to ensure patient support success as an innovator in a therapeutic area. You’ll learn: 
  • How to leverage a proven program launch framework and key considerations at each phase
  • The right resources to dedicate to your program launch
  • The factors that can impact your launch timeline
  • The questions to ask when selecting a patient support partner for your novel therapy

Data & Analytics

Addressing an Evidentiary Gap With Real-World Prospective Studies
Learn how Xcenda helped one client address an evidence gap for a revolutionary new orphan drug.
FormularyDecisions provides real time access to payer insights
Keep payers informed throughout your product's lifecycle. Learn how FormularyDecisions can keep you front-of-mind with active payers through this innovative online platform. 
Next-level analytics: Is your patient support program data actionable?
Data is only as good as the action it inspires. That is especially the case with patient support programs, which rely on analytics to help manufacturers navigate access and adherence barriers.