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Digital Therapeutics

Your innovation can make all the difference. Together, we’ll unlock its potential.
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What are digital therapeutics? 

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are innovative therapies that deliver medical interventions directly to patients. They use evidence-based, clinically evaluated software to diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders. 

Accelerating healthier futures

The DTx market is expanding rapidly. Though the path to commercialization may be faster for these treatments, they pose unique challenges. That’s why a winning commercialization strategy needs a thoughtful approach — and proven expertise. 

At AmerisourceBergen, we’ve consulted DTx developers like you through all phases of the commercialization journey. Our approach is informed by over 100 years of excellence in pharmaceutical sourcing and wholesale distribution.  We’ll help you avoid costly pitfalls and reach your product’s full potential. Lean on our time-tested approaches and build your commercialization plans with confidence.

In the news

In April 2023, digital health start-up h2o Therapeutics announced a collaboration with AmerisourceBergen to support the commercialization of Parky, a prescription mobile app that monitors symptoms in people with Parkinson’s disease.

Identifying and overcoming market access barriers

We understand the unique challenges faced by developers in this new and evolving market. Proving and communicating outcomes is a top priority for all stakeholders, but developers must also work to differentiate new products in market and gain acceptance from payers and providers. Our team is uniquely positioned to support developers through all stages of commercialization. 

We can help you:

Accelerate R&D

  • Develop your clinical trial strategy  
  • Support finding and recruiting patients to enroll in clinical trials  
  • Analyze real-world evidence to demonstrate clinical outcomes 

Bring products to market 

  • Navigate the regulatory process  
  • Define your market access strategy  
  • Inform formulary decision making  
  • Support development of medical communications  
  • Generate stakeholder insights based on market research and reach more patients 

Scale your distribution and reach 

  • Design the distribution strategy to optimize rollout based on patient-uptake forecasts*  
  • Reduce barriers to patient fulfillment by managing digital distribution*  
  • Manage logistics from user interface consolidation to patient access and data aggregation*  
  • Spearhead training for both local and outsourced sales teams  
  • Streamline partnership with employers 

Enable ecosystem connectivity 

  • Demonstrate clinical outcomes based on real-world evidence (RWE)  
  • Support patients in navigating treatment and payment options*  
  • Host physician and patient dashboard to monitor progress*  
  • Provide hub services including automatic benefits verification and prior authorization* 
*Powered by DTx Connect™  
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Designing and delivering effective patient support for digital therapeutics

Download our eBook, developed in our partnership with Pharmaceutical Executive, to find out how developers can navigate patient support for these complex yet groundbreaking therapeutic interventions. 

Speed your path to patient DTx adoption

Introducing DTx Connect

Unlock your product's potential with DTx Connect. DTx Connect is a fully integrated platform designed specifically for digital therapeutics. It streamlines ordering, dispensing, and fulfillment, smoothing the way to therapy. This brand-agnostic tool also generates patient status alerts to better inform physician outreach and encourage patient adherence. And the platform comes backed by AmerisourceBergen’s expert commercialization team to further supercharge your path to patient DTx adoption.  

For developers

Enhanced end-to-end support

  • Streamlines and increases patient access to physician-ordered therapies and support 
  • Better cares for patients with prescription, non-prescription, and consumer-based digital therapeutics 
  • Fully integrates into EMRs for easy adoption  
  • On-hand biopharma expertise for end-to-end commercialization services 
  • Inherent data collection opportunities to advance real-world evidence initiatives  
  • Empowers patients to be more involved in their treatment 
  • Real-time patient status data triggers provider alerts for more effective outreach 

For healthcare providers

Extending beyond traditional care

  • Integrates within your EMR for easy management 
  • Sends patient status alerts to inform your outreach  
  • Better involves patients in their treatments, encouraging adherence 
  • Supports patients wherever they are in their healthcare journey 
  • And more… 

“Digital therapeutics have the potential to revolutionize how we deliver healthcare. But that change brings new challenges. AmerisourceBergen has a proven history of solving challenges like these and bringing complex therapies to market. We remain committed to sharing this expertise with manufacturer partners and helping them lead the way to healthier futures.”  

Jason Dinger

Senior Vice President, Global Products and Solutions

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