Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are innovative therapies that deliver medical interventions directly to patients using evidence-based, clinically evaluated software to diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders. As the pipeline for DTx continues to expand and healthcare moves beyond traditional medicine, fulfillment methods need to be easy for patient adoption and provide physicians with visibility into patient use. 

Introducing DTx Connect

DTx Connect is a fully integrated ordering, dispensing, and fulfillment platform specifically developed for digital therapeutics and their unique patient path to therapy. This is a distinct, brand-agnostic tool that provides physicians with patient status alerts to inform patient outreach in support of their prescribed therapy regimen. This platform, coupled with an extension of commercialization experts at AmerisourceBergen, supercharges your path to patient DTx adoption and helps unlock your therapeutic potential.
Digital Therapeutics

Every new therapy is uncharted territory. We help
developers and providers navigate the unknowns when helping patients access prescribed therapies. 

The DTx market is rapidly expanding - as of November 21, 2021, there were 63 DTx products that had undergone FDA review, with 150 FDA-regulated DTx products expecting clinical trial results in 2022. The path to commercialization for DTx products may be faster than traditional medicine, but these innovative therapies pose unique challenges that require a thoughtful approach for a superior commercialization strategy. As a leading global healthcare company, with a foundation in pharmaceutical distribution and solutions for manufacturers, pharmacies, and providers, AmerisourceBergen is piloting DTx Connect, a digitally advanced and fully integrated solution to facilitate physician prescriptions and orders to pave the way to patient fulfillment. When combined with our commercialization services, this approach helps to streamline physician workflow following their therapy decision regarding patient-related barriers and provides DTx developers with enhanced end-to-end commercialization support.

Designing and delivering effective patient support for digital therapeutics

Download our eBook, developed in our partnership with Pharmaceutical Executive, to find out how developers can navigate patient support for these complex yet groundbreaking therapeutic interventions. 

 For Healthcare Providers

Extending beyond traditional care

As the digital therapeutics market continues to expand, providers are continuously searching for and adapting new ways to diagnose and treat patients and help them manage their journeys in their everyday lives.

AmerisourceBergen has launched an Electonic Medical Record (EMR) agnostic integrated digital platform to facilitate the ordering, dispensing, and fulfillment process and provide patient status alerts to inform additional patient outreach.

Gain early access to the DTx Connect platform

  • Integrates within the healthcare provider's EMR
  • Patient status alerts 
  • Empowers patients to be more involved in their treatments
  • Supports patients wherever they are in their healthcare journey

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 For Developers

Enhanced end-to-end support

AmerisourceBergen offers a fully integrated ordering, dispensing, and fulfillment platform that facilitates provider order and patient adoption of prescribed therapies via a simple integrated digital platform to expedite prescriptions and provide patient status information to the provider through their EMR, without disruption. After making the prescription decision, physicians follow a simple, guided, end-to-end ordering, dispensing, and fulfillment experience without leaving their EMR as digital therapeutics are presented to physicians for consideration through a searchable EMR digital catalog. Developers can look forward to partnering on end-to-end commercialization services including field reimbursement support, patient support, benefits verification, fulfillment support and EMR and HCP workflow integrations. 

DTx Connect platform and commercialization expertise

  • Prescription, non-prescription, and consumer-based digital therapeutics
  • Streamlined and increased patient access to physician-ordered therapies and support
  • Fully integrated technology with an EMR
  • On-hand biopharma expertise for end-to-end commercialization services
  • Inherent data collection opportunities to further real-world evidence initiatives 
  • Patient empowerment to be more involved in the treatments 
  • Real-time patient status data within the platform to trigger provider alerts

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