Our Look at "American Patients First"

By AmerisourceBergen |

President Trump announced a new plan to lower drug prices. Here is what you need to know. 

While campaigning for the Presidency, Donald Trump promised to lower drug prices for Americans.  On Friday, May 11, President Trump shared his blueprint to lower drug prices, “American Patients First.”  What does this mean for the healthcare industry? Read summaries and perspectives from across AmerisourceBergen’s business to understand what this might mean for stakeholders from manufacturers to dispensers and the drug wholesale industry.  

Xcenda’s Health Policy Weekly shared a summary of the proposal including the key strategies outlined for reform and where there may be immediate action versus future opportunities.  Reactions from industry stakeholders including COA, PhRMA and PCMA are also included.  

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The latest “Community Pharmacy State of the Union” from Our Independent Voice summarizes the four challenges contributing to high drug prices as outlined by Secretary Azar and elaborates on the included policies that impact independent and long-term care pharmacy.   

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On Monday, May 14, HHS released a formal request for comment. It’s safe to say the conversation is still in the early stages. We remain committed to working across the healthcare supply chain to optimize affordability and product access.