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Unlocking success in cell and gene therapy distribution

By Melissa Lattanzi

Interview with Melissa Lattanzi

Vice President, Emerging Therapies at Cencora

In a thought-provoking interview with Pharm Exec Associate Editor Don Tracy, Cencora’s Melissa Lattanzi, Vice President, Emerging Therapies, delves into crucial considerations that cell and gene therapy (CGT) developers must address to shape an effective distribution strategy. Her insights shed light on the intricate landscape of CGT distribution and offer a roadmap for navigating the unique challenges inherent in this rapidly evolving field. 

Addressing the intricate challenges that define CGT distribution demands a forward-thinking approach that transcends conventional pharmaceutical paradigms. Early engagement in distribution strategy discussions is foundational in achieving commercial success, anticipating logistical obstacles, and aligning stakeholder interests. This proactive approach allows developers to tackle issues related to product viability, storage prerequisites, time-sensitive delivery protocols, safety considerations, and administration logistics, all while working to ensure therapy access and enhance operational efficiencies in line with clinical requirements and market dynamics. 


Key questions informing distribution strategy 

For CGT developers embarking on the journey of crafting effective distribution strategies, several pivotal questions demand thoughtful consideration: 

  • Early engagement: When should distribution strategy discussions begin to ensure a robust foundation for success? 
  • Logistical preparedness: What measures must be taken to address logistical hurdles, such as product viability, storage requirements, and time-sensitive delivery protocols?
  • Stakeholder alignment: How can developers align stakeholder interests from inception in order to proactively manage distribution challenges? 

These key questions form the bedrock upon which successful CGT distribution strategies are built, guiding developers towards optimized patient access and operational efficiency. 


Unique challenges in channel strategy development: 

As CGT developers navigate the dynamic landscape of advanced therapies, several unique challenges necessitate strategic foresight and meticulous planning: 

  • Adaptive frameworks: How can developers create adaptive frameworks capable of accommodating shifting market demands and expanding therapeutic indications? 
  • Patient-centric approach: What considerations are essential for tailoring channel strategies to diverse patient profiles while ensuring seamless therapy access?
  • Operational efficiency: How can industry players streamline reimbursement processes and stakeholder collaboration to enhance operational efficiencies in CGT distribution? 

Addressing these unique challenges empowers developers to overcome obstacles and unlock success in building resilient channel strategies tailored to the evolving needs of the healthcare ecosystem. 

Watch the full interview with Pharm Exec to delve deeper into innovative strategies for advancing cell and gene therapy distribution. 


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