Orphan Drugs: Five Ways to Prove Product Value

By Amy Grogg |

Five ways to connect where patients, physicians and payers perceive the most value.


Making a big difference in the smallest patient populations is no small feat.

Even manufacturers of the most innovative treatments for rare diseases have to demonstrate value to a multitude of stakeholders. In this ebook, we explore how to prove product value in ways that matter most to payers, patients and providers. You'll learn:

1. Why creating a community for patients is critical. 2. How to educate and support physicians early. 3. Ways to overcome access barriers with evidence. 4. The importance of investing in patient support programs. 5. Channel strategy considerations for commercialization success.

Competition and scrutiny are on the rise. Get the insights you need to get your product to the patients who need it most.

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Amy Grogg

Amy Grogg

Senior Vice President Emeritus, Strategy & Commercialization
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