How to select a practice management solution for your veterinary practice

By MWI Animal Health

At MWI Animal Health, we aim to serve as an extension of your business, caring for it like our own and maintaining flexibility to meet your changing needs. Our customer service, technology, and service offerings are centered on partnerships.

As your partner, we know that selecting a practice management software solution can be an overwhelming decision. To help with that process we have created an ebook with 15 questions to ask PIMs providers as you evaluate potential solutions.

Before you sign a contract or agreement, it's important to ask the right questions in order to better understand the products, their features and benefits, costs, integration parameters and timelines, data security protocols and more. Thoroughly understanding the products will best position you to select the solution that will work for you and your staff.

These questions will tease out practical considerations such as: data migration processes; fee structures beyond the list price; onboarding support; ongoing use support; and guidance if you need to change systems to support growing needs

Finally, as any good partner would do, we'll help you get started by providing a short list of recommended PIMs providers. Of the many systems commercially available in the US market, MWI has selected a "Top 3" list of providers based on several factors, including: a shared philosophy of data ownership and privacy, a strategic roadmap that is strongly aligned with both our current solutions and those we are building for the future, and an ongoing investment in innovation and integration that you and your clients will find valuable.

By recommending practice management software systems that work well with our other technology solutions, we can help you be more effective and efficient. By providing innovative solutions, services and partnerships, MWI will help you transform your business to meet the ever-evolving needs and expectations of your clients.

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