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Your Priority Is Providing Care. Our Priority Is Supporting You.

Hear from AmerisourceBergen President, Bob Mauch

We believe independent pharmacies are uniquely positioned to drive healthier outcomes and build stronger communities. 

From competitive pricing to dependable distribution to intuitive programs, everything we do is designed to give you more time to focus on your patients so you can continue to deliver on that promise. Because you need more than just a best-in-class distributor. You deserve a partner who respects your independence and delivers solutions as unique as your pharmacy.

Our mission is to put your success first. To do that, we listen to your unique business needs, advocate for the important work you do and empower you to provide more personalized care to your community.

To provide the best care possible to the patients who rely on you, it takes a partner who respects your independence, understands how your unique business operates and delivers solutions that let you focus on the work that matters most. 

That’s what we work toward every day.
Hear from Good Neighbor Pharmacy, President, Brian Nightengale

Distribution Services
Shaping healthcare delivery through distribution excellence

Access to the right product at the right time is vital to the health of every patient and the success of every pharmacy. We provide a seamless customer experience by ensuring that you receive what you need, on time, every day. 

Our full-line and specialty distribution services—the core of our integrated delivery model—ensure that crucial medications efficiently, reliably and securely reach their destinations every day. Over 1,500 pharmaceutical manufacturers and tens of thousands of healthcare providers rely on AmerisourceBergen to help patients access the medications they need, when they need them. By seamlessly connecting our partners, we're building a marketplace that helps create healthier futures for all.

independent pharmacies currently being served
managed products
$1 B
invested in operations over the past decade

ABC Order
Designed by Pharmacists for Pharmacists

In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, it’s more important than ever for your independent pharmacy to streamline workflows and reduce inefficiencies. ABC Order was designed, hand-in-hand with pharmacists, to make the ordering process quick and efficient so that you can get back to what’s important – spending more time with patients.

ABC Order has cut my ordering time in half. If it used to take 45 minutes for an order, it can now be done in 20 minutes. 


Partnering to Champion the Independent Voice

AmerisourceBergen feels so strongly about the importance of your voice and role as a health care provider in your community that we have a dedicated government affairs team in Washington, D.C., working tirelessly to support independent pharmacies across the U.S. healthcare delivery system. We are committed to advocacy with legislative and regulatory bodies to ensure you can continue to do what you do best, providing quality patient care in the vitally important community setting.

Visit our advocacy website, OurIndependentVoice.com, to stay current on the issues that affect pharmacists daily, to lend your voice to these important causes, and to learn more about how AmerisourceBergen is working on your behalf. Together, we can make a difference.

Elevate Provider Network (PSAO)
Together, a strong and healthy network elevates our members’ presence in managed care

Stand united with more than 4,600 members when you join our PSAO, Elevate Provider Network. Using our proprietary pharmacy analytics system, we model and negotiate smarter payer contracts with more than 50 PBMs based on our long-term strategy for managing the impact of preferred cost-share networks. Our data-driven approach helps us determine which plans we should join at the preferred or the standard cost-share level, and that clear objectivity helps us maximize your profit margins.

We take a data-driven approach to contracting that minimizes the impact of DIR fees and maintains access to your patients
2.5 year-over-year Rx growth
Compared to -0.8% for non-Elevate members

Pharmacy Ownership
Dedicated to keeping independent pharmacy independent. 

Like most pharmacists and pharmacy owners, you probably haven’t mastered every idiosyncrasy of the transition process, nor should you! It’s far more important for you to focus on providing quality patient care and making sure your business runs smoothly. But when the time finally comes to buy or sell, a lack of expertise in that area makes it more critical than ever to get help from someone who has deep knowledge of pharmacy ownership transition. And with AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy Ownership Services, you get that and so much more.

  • Comprehensive guidance from experienced advisors
  • Hands-on assistance through every step of the process
  • Services built to connect the right businesses with the right buyers
  • A team dedicated to preserving the legacy of independent pharmacy

I appreciate all that my AmerisourceBergen pharmacy acquisition advisor did to make the selling process so easy--the frequent calls he made, just to check in--he was there every step of the way. 

Jim Morisoli, American Surgical Pharmacy, San Bernardino, CA

Good Neighbor Pharmacy
Providing everything you need to leverage your independence and stand out as a one-of-a-kind healthcare destination for personalized care.

We understand and respect what makes your pharmacy so unique, which drives us to simplify your business operations, amplify your brand and identity and protect your independence. We combine deep industry knowledge with proven insights to strengthen your defining attributes from the inside out while giving you the scale and collective voice you need to thrive with our managed care network, which is more than 4,600 pharmacies strong.
Learn How Retail Trends Are Changing the Pharmacy Game 
Download this in-depth white paper to see what trends are reshaping the future of independent pharmacy, as industry experts weigh in on emerging opportunities.

Where independent pharmacies get growing

ThoughtSpot, the annual conference and trade show by Good Neighbor Pharmacy, is a four-day event for independent community pharmacies where you’ll receive practical and clinical education to help you diversify your revenue streams and optimize your core business, plus exclusive deals and discounts on product purchases. It’s also where you’ll network with peers and subject matter experts in lively Las Vegas. The insights and expertise you’ll experience at ThoughtSpot will help you build a better business, find growth opportunities and maintain your status as a preferred healthcare destination in your community.

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