Advancing Product Access

Partnering with manufacturers to propel product access and enhance patient care

Distributors like AmerisourceBergen add value to the pharmaceutical supply chain and healthcare at large by ensuring efficient access to products wherever, whenever patients present for treatment. And while we do most of it behind the scenes, we play a vital role in keeping costs down.

The Value of the Distributor to the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain ... and Beyond
pharmaceutical care accounted for just
of healthcare spending in 2016
without distributors, the specialty supply chain would generate
$8.6 billion
in incremental distribution costs

Stories, insights and executive perspectives

How our work enhances access

Learn more about the role of the distributor and the value we provide to the supply chain.

"Our distribution model is exciting because it enables turnkey product access."

Bob Mauch, Executive vice President and Group President, Pharmaceutical Distribution and strategic global sourcing, amerisourcebergen

How do proposed new contract models disrupt provider workflow? How does the current fee-for-service model account for product value? 

"Our approach is—and has always been—to work with our manufacturer partners and come up with solutions together."

Akin Odutola, President, strategic global sourcing, amerisourcebergen
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